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Shared: Simcoe County proposal would see garbage left behind if green bin isn’t…


Simcoe County officials are considering an idea to not collect regular trash if people don’t start using green bins. Brandon Gonez reports. http://ow.ly/vzvy304tHFQ

Simcoe County proposal would see garbage left behind if green bin isn’t…

Simcoe County waste management staff is considering an unconventional way of getting people to use their organic bins.

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  1. I don’t use the bins because they suck. Every time I do try and use it animals get into them and make a mess. They need to come up with better bins or a better locking mechanism

  2. Maybe they should make the program more user friendly. They have many restrictions on what can go in there-who can keep it straight-and its cast aside when its complicated. Much simpler in Toronto. For the property tax we pay in Barrie, one of the highest around Ontario, not collecting the garbage would cause a revolt and surely cancel any reelection Mayor Lehman is looking for.

  3. Three things are ridiculous about this idea: First of all, some people compost their own waste, secondly the county sells the compost it makes and profits from it making the loss of their product their most likely motivation here and thirdly I suppose they will want to charge people for bringing the garbage to the dump themselves creating havok at the waste transfer stations, illegal dumping by some residents and increased emissions from everybody’s vehicles instead of the fleet of trucks designed to make it more efficient. Who thought this plan through?

  4. I use the green bin, wow can’t believe people wouldn’t want to. Garbage comes every 2 weeks I sure as hell don’t want my food scraps sitting in my garage stinking it up. Smell would be disgusting. The green bin they take every week. I have a small bin on my counter, not hard to keep the smell down if you empty it basically every other day more depending what food is in there lol, empty to the bigger bin in the garage or where ever you have it. At first I was hardcore against the green bin thought it was nasty but now I wouldn’t do with out. I been using it a year now no issues, no smells if you hose out every week it’s really not hard. I’m a clean freak so it’s easy for me.

  5. Property tax dollars pay for garbage pick up. Stop picking up garbage and expect people to stop paying their property tax. However I don’t have a problem with dropping my garbage off at city hall either.

  6. City of Barrie will not take Tim hortons cups nor will they take plastics that will not stretch. They will not take pet feces and the racoons will tip over any can that may contain anything they may like. We have garbage every two weeks and our back yards stink as we have may have pets and no place other than a freezer to put pet waste in till garbage day. Yes I have a dog but the point is those who have children in diapers in this city make a special trip to the dump. This sux as they also pay taxes. The whole treat is if you dont do it we will make you is unjust.

  7. Pretty ludacris. I pay almost 6k in taxes, what are we paying taxes for if the county doesn’t offer us any services. If anything everything keeps going up and their services keep going down. This will cause major issues if they actually allow this to happen.

  8. The City’s main goal is diversion and waste reduction.
    Everything these days is disposable and packaged and then packaged again before we even consume what’s inside.
    Make an effort! Take the time to care about where your “waste” goes and how the process works.
    Learn how to separate your collection streams and set them at the curb the morning of your collection. We have never had an issue since the beginning of the city organic a collection program. Bins still in tact, yes we have to hose them out now and then.
    Yes, We pay taxes for pick up and I understand people have back yard compost which I am sure the City will find a way to work with.
    I believe the point is WASTE REDUCTION AND DIVERSION!
    Do you all still just throw trash out the window of your car and hope the city will clean it up?! because that mentality will cost us way more than tax dollars ever will!!

  9. Love love love this!!! I use my green bin for everything. I have family of seven, and it drastically cuts down the garbage. I have drove around the town on garbage days and could count on two hands the housing the participates in the green bin. Sad. And yes, SOME pp have a home compost, but I can bet most do not!!

  10. Buy the composte bags from costco… Small ones fit the small bin… Tie it up and transfer to large bin whenever needed. No mess in the large green bin to rinse out even. It’s not that hard or Smelly…. Try it… I did and it works great. Would never go back now.

  11. Why would anybody want those green bins sitting around for two weeks smelling and collecting maggots start collecting our garbage every week again what the heck do we pay for all summer I’ve had to take my garbage to work to dispose of it as it stinks where I have twice a week pick up City of Barrie u have lost your minds

  12. I have been trying so hard with the green bin this summer.. bought the special plastic bags dividing scraps.
    And the person did not take it this week stuck a sticker saying I used a plastic bag … it was a green bin bag.
    Now the green bin is crawling across my yard with maggots…

  13. At home, back in the 60’s… my mom made us organically recycle, long before it was required… a woman ahead of her time! It’s not hard but it does that a little bit more effort than most people care to give… lazy is what I call it! Stop finding excuses NOT to do & just do it for our environment!!! Your children’s children will love you for doing it now!

  14. What’s with this city’s obsession with not collecting garbage. Starting January they are taking away the 100kilo dump allowance as well. Our taxes are ridiculous. Step it up SC!

  15. My thing is , I use the bin but do not necessarily put it out every week as it is not full . I recycle everything possible too.what about the condos etc. .? Another thing is the garbage collectors wreck the containers. They throw them wherever they land. The latch is broke on my green bin by their rough use and this is the second one I am using. Also my garbage containers as well. This should be addressed by the city.

  16. This makes me mad. First the garbage changing too bi-weekly which since that has happened I have seen people dumping their garbage in other people’s bins if it’s not full. I have seen garbage bags on the side roads and I have seen people dump their garbage illegally in garbage dumpsters for private businesses. Now there have been always people dumping illegally but since the bi-weekly pick up its gotten worst too the point that company I work for can’t even throw the garbage out sometimes because it’s full from illegal dumping. So if they do this it will be even worst. I’m sorry I’m not lazy like some of you bin users calling us non green users, but I pay my taxes like you all do and when I’m seeing garbage bags and green bins being thrown in the same garbage truck and the same compartment tell me why I should use the bins. I have heard people tell me they go buy bags for their green bin and they get a sticker telling them can’t use those bags even though it’s biodegradable. So then they try another brand and it’s the same thing. So then they call the city too see what bags they can use and basically are told what the city sells which cost more money. I hear people saying that there are bags that they will take sold at the Dollar store but there is only one brand and the store doesn’t always have it. So this too me seems more of a headache too deal with when everything goes in the same compartment. Tell me how is that saving the Earth if it’s all going in the same compartment. It’s sounds like too me the city are the lazy ones and more of our taxes being spent on something that will maybe not work and cause more problems. Plus I will not deal with the maggots which I have a phobia with. My street has problems with raccoons and the population of raccoons has increased in the last few years and making a mess plus the smell. Hey all the power too the people that use them but not this lady. You know what I use my green bin for, as bucket too use when I wash my car. It’s really handy for that. Lol !

  17. Genius!!! I hear ppl complain that they don’t want to deal with smell and maggots…. Whether the food is put in green bin or black garbage bag you will have same results….green bin gets picked up weekly rather than biweekly so it means LESS smell and chance of maggots

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Shared: Simcoe County proposal would see garbage left behind if green bin isn’…

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