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Shared: Tory cuts significantly impact Simcoe County schools


The new Ontario government cuts significantly impact many Simcoe County schools. https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/tory-cuts-significantly-impact-simcoe-county-schools-1.4007776

Tory cuts significantly impact Simcoe County schools

Ontario’s new Tory government has cancelled a $100-million fund earmarked for school repairs this year, a cut that comes as a result of Premier Dou…

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  1. Put the blame where it belongs, on Kathleen Wynne. If she didn’t spend like a drunken fool on pet projects there would be money for the more important things.

  2. Just so everyone understands the liberal government cut $500M which closed schools. This is a $100M cut on a $16B repair back log that the Liberals created most of. The $100M is as a result of eliminating cap and trade.

  3. I don’t care if schools are crumbling my good rich buddy needed a job that, at the end of the day when all is shuffled around will cost the taxpayers MORE money. C’mon I gotta keep my buddies close!

  4. Your blaming the Tory’s for trying to clean up the mess left by the government of the previous 15 years, who cares what pain the public sector thinks they feel, it’s nothing to the pain the Liberals caused tax payers

  5. It’s probably temporary until he confirms what schools actually require the work and what work and make certain that the costs are NOT over-hacked or someone’s family or friends who will benefit from the inflated pricing for that particulate job!

  6. I understand that money needs to be cut however not for schools’ repairs. You just spent a crap load of money on some CEO which should have been spend on our schools. They are badly needed in a lot of them.

  7. What ever happened to cutting out gas prices ,,,,,Excuse me I thought that was gunna 1 of your first things to do then fire Hydro CEOs ,,,,,Were over here still waiting for that to happen

  8. Ok, Mr. Ford. What is your game plan – no changes in the gas prices, hydro, senior and veteran help. Are you speaking to us with forked tongue now that you’re in. Don’t fall into that category. Do what you promised us. We will be waiting, but not for long. Closing schools will not help us. In time you’ll be rebuilding them. Get with the program YOU laid out.

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Shared: Tory cuts significantly impact Simcoe County schools

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