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Shared: Warning issued over ‘dangerous’ dogs in Tiny Township


Provincial police and officials with Tiny Township have issued a warning about two dogs they say are “dangerous.” http://ow.ly/4URx304zAHV

Warning issued over ‘dangerous’ dogs in Tiny Township

Provincial police and officials with Tiny Township have issued a warning about two dogs they say are “dangerous.”

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  1. We have a cottage around the corrner of that property (the dog owner just rented the house). 3 weeks ago his dogs were running at large and attacked another dog and it’s owner down at the beach. OPP took one of the two dogs away, the next day I saw a new dog in his driveway…… Why is he still allowed to have dogs? Many residents there walk their dogs down there, I take mine down to the beach at least twice a day when we are there. Now we have to be worried to go out because one guy can’t control his dogs, especially this kind of breed.

  2. Something is amiss about the breed these dogs are being called. The Argentina Mastiff is not supposed to be dog agressive in any way. They were bred to be accepting of other dogs, and to form and work in packs for their owners. They don’t sound like true AM’S to me. That aside, whatever they are…the owner needs a good kick in the butt!

  3. This is just so sad for the dogs, to not have proper care, running at large and allowed to be abusive- which is lack of training for them and irresponsible animal ownership- the dogs will suffer bc of poor ownership!!! sad!!!

  4. So sad for those dogs, to have such negligent owners. A look into their home lives and upbringing should happen to determine if these people should be or can be charged so these dogs can be placed into better care. Clearly their owners are being negligent to their training, obedience and well being. Not to mention the dogs safety and the safety of others. If it comes to it I really hope they seize the dogs and re-home them to owners who can rehabilitate and care for them.

  5. Education is needed. This is not the breed, it’s the cruelty and neglect of the owners. Same as any breed if you don’t take the time to train and socialize you will have issues. This applies not only to dogs but to all animals. As someone who lives in the neighbour hood, aswell as a parent and a dog owner I would expect law enforcement and animal control to do their part for the safety of all, which I’m sure they are trying to do. Best thing we can do as residents is to remain vigil and report all issues ASAP.

  6. This is not another breed issue people. I’m totally anti BSL. The problem here is an irresponsible owner who lets his large unruly dogs roam free=trouble and danger. Why don’t people get off there high horses and focus on the real issue. The poor people who now have to change there lives because one a hole cant be bothered to keep his powerful dogs leashed

  7. I have two neighbours who have little dogs that charge at other dogs and are highly aggressive! Any dog can be dangerous and cause bodily harm to a serious degree. In cases like this judge the owner who seems to be irresponsible NOT the dogs who have probably not received proper training.
    This is an excellent example of needing stronger animal abuse laws which have mandatory jail time! The problems aren’t breeds it’s irresponsible owners who create problems.

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Shared: Warning issued over ‘dangerous’ dogs in Tiny Township

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