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A Threat To Our Drinking Water Re-Emerges

A Threat To Our Drinking Water Re-Emerges


The meeting involving Dufferin Aggregate was very enlightening. Either the Dufferin people were very naive or just not wanting to show their cards. They had no idea about who was in the audience. They had no idea about collaboration. Certainly limited in knowledge or just faking it. Had no knowledge of the legal ramification of consultation.

It took First Nation individuals to point our the ignorance of one Dufferin employee. The time for talk is over. Rhetoric and baffle gab just doesn’ t meet muster. It is time to have gate blocking and civil disobedience and embarrass Dufferin. Maybe a few more arrests and so on. People are tired of the ineffectiveness of MOECC and MNR to do their job to protect our water for future generations. No CLC like Site41 CMC.

This is just more stall while work moves ahead, like corruption has a habit of doing. This water is the bench mark for all water in the world and our government is going to let it be destroyed by a greedy offshore Irish company. Our resources are not there for profit at our expense.

The buck has to stop and we all have to step up. For sure the young people, who are going to be most impacted by this. Tiny Council also has to step up because they will have to live with the consequences of their inaction. If they can do this, then they should not be in a leadership role because they will have lost the merit and trust to continue.

The biggest threat in all of this is not what Dufferin will do to our water, it is the Ministries of our government and the Premier for allowing this to happen in the first place.


J.Morgan, Midland


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A Threat To Our Drinking Water Re-Emerges

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