Home History A Companion Site to Explore Our Past in More Detail
A Companion Site to Explore Our Past in More Detail

A Companion Site to Explore Our Past in More Detail


In Midland, we have a wealth of historical heritage. From her early beginnings with the lumbering and shipbuilding days, through the war years, through the boom years and the lean years, the stories of Midland’s residents are very interesting.

While I have had an interest in collecting historic photographs of the area for over 40 years, in the last three years, my attention has also turned to researching and writing illustrated stories of Midland’s historic events and personalities. Once each story has been developed, photos and videos are found to better make the story ‘come alive’.

On my facebook site, Huronia’s Past and Present, is a collection of thousands of photos and stories of our area’s rich history. There are many different topics which hopefully appeal to everyone’s interests. There are 75 very detailed stories of our young warriors who went to WW I and WW 2, many never to return.

Many of these detailed stories (some with over 30 pictures and videos) are too long and time-consuming to copy to this site. I will post a shorter story on this site with the reference link to the Huronia’s Past and Present site for those interested in reading the longer story and viewing all the photos and videos.

The Huronia’s Past and Present site is a closed site to keep out the scammers and for the protection of members so only members have access to the stories. It is easy to join, if you wish, by going to Huronia’s Past and Present and clicking ‘Join Group’.

Photo – For years, this mural was on the Elizabeth Street side of the Simply Country store at the intersection of Elizabeh Street and King Street.


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A Companion Site to Explore Our Past in More Detail

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