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Huronia Museum – Bulging at the Seams with Activities and Events

Huronia Museum – Bulging at the Seams with Activities and Events


Tom Barbour’s new ‘time capsule’ series “Looking Back 50 Years Ago” gives us important weekly stories and photos and is another example of the variety of experiences being offered by our Huronia Museum.

Our ‘little’ museum has a wonderful collection, including Group of Seven paintings, with many many artifacts in storage because of the limited space. Hopefully, soon we will see more of them.

But the museum is more than a collection of artifacts. School groups are taught at the museum. Museum staff take artifacts out to school classrooms and do curriculum-related interactive programmes.

Years ago, I was loaned a large box of artifacts from the museum to take with me on our Midland Grade 4 Kitchi camping week. The museum outreach programme to the local schools has museum staff members enthusiastically spellbind the children and staff.

Each summer, the museum provides a day camp programme to which our own daughter begged to attend each year. Eventually, as a university student, she was a village guide and loved assisting with the day camp.

At the 2013 general meeting, mention was made of 35 different events that had taken place during the year at the museum. The Huronia Museum Show is a weekly web series focusing on the Huronia Museum, its history, exhibits, events, staff & volunteers and various other goings-on at the museum.


The museum is working on gathering oral histories from long time residents on the local history

The Queen’s Jubilee Celebration Tea, held twice, a special tea and goodies, with live music, was very well attended at the beginning and the end of the special exhibit.

The museum hosts a film series at the Galaxy Theatre throughout the year. Around 300 people attend the annual Heritage Dinner hosted by the museum. The museum hosts a 48 hour movie challenge in which budding movie makers have 48 hours to make a short movie. The movies are then screened and voted on by the participants.

During the year, many people call or visit the museum and are assisted in their genealogical investigations. The week before Remembrance Day, the museum would invite WW II veterans, including Frank Graham and Bill Smith (pictured with curator, Jamie Hunter) and others, to speak to school children at the special military exhibit.

When our daughter was a village guide in the summer of 2011, she often would tell us how excited foreign visitors were visiting museum and Ouendat village.

I am including a link to two comments: an offer to volunteer and a thank-you from a school group.


This list seems to indicate that the Huronia Museum is proactive and interactive as a place of education, socialization, and fun.


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Huronia Museum – Bulging at the Seams with Activities and Events

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