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Memories Of Teen Town

Memories Of Teen Town


There is a good chance, dear readers that we can tell your age, if you ever sipped a cherry coke at Ontario Cafe on King Street.  If you ever attended Teen Town at the YMCA, Oddfellows Hall, Legion or Country Mill, you probably have seven decades in your rear view mirror.

The MartellsIf you knew Larry and Gary French were twins you probably attended high school with them or danced to their music. Teen Town chaperones Mary and Frank Graham were as much Teen Town as Teen Town was to local dancers.

I attended a VON exercise class other day at Askenonnia, and enjoyed hearing all that background music from yesteryear again…..music from mid-50’s to mid-60’s. Today’s young people are being short-changed, no CYO, no Teen Town, hanging out at the YMCA after school and on weekends.

There’s a togetherness missing today…..back then an entire school body attended football and basketball games, Proms, fund-raisers, cadets…..Cherry Cokes and Teen Town, as teenagers it never got better… psssst shall we share a foot long hot dog?


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Memories Of Teen Town

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