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The Little Store that Reminded Us of Yesteryear

The Little Store that Reminded Us of Yesteryear


After being widowed in 1923 at the age of 38, Madeline Gianetto started a small store in her Sunnyside home while since looking after four children. The years later, she moved her store to Midland’s downtown and there the store remained until 2014.

Remember walking near the store and seeing all the produce outside? Remember the wonderful aroma as you walked into the store?

The little store could not compete with the ‘one-stop’ stopping of the larger box stores. Those large stores, however, do not have the charm of that ‘small-town’ store with its wonderful smells, history, and old fashion charm. You could meet various friends there as they were also doing their Saturday morning produce and meat shopping.

As you walked to the back door, you could see the gift baskets being created or the produce being taken from wooden crates and prepared for sale in the store.


There are few places left today that ‘transport’ us back to yesteryear through their historical surroundings and charm.

To read the 11 part illustrated story of Gianetto’s Fruit Market, go to the Huronia’s Past and Present site. When you join the site, you will be able to access thousands of illustrated stories.


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The Little Store that Reminded Us of Yesteryear

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