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Wintering Ships In Midland Harbour

Wintering Ships In Midland Harbour


great-lakes-ships-wintering-in-midlandAs ice leading into Midland Harbour becomes thicker,  is expected only one grain carrier this year will winter here at the foot of King Street. There was a time less than a century ago literally dozens of ships of all sizes wintered in Midland.  It was estimated one ship might add to the town’s  coffers $40,000 per vessel: employing watchmen, stocking pantries, painting, doing essential  maintenance, upgrading et al.

During WW2, two major shipbuilding companies were heavily involved constructing a variety of war ships, submarine chasers, mine sweepers and corvettes. It was estimated that some 1,200 man hours were devoted just to installing all the wiring by electricians in a minesweeper….the harbour was a bustling place.

One can’t help but think, Midland in Latin might mean:  lumber, grain, railway and shipbuilding. The above four square was the town’s very life blood for generations with Midland growing from a few small shacks in the late 1800’s  with a population of 1,000 to its present 17,000 residents.

From the very beginning of Midland’s growth it has been spurred by the energy of its people, of its industry and business people.  Now, tourism is the key word and is very much alive drawing thousands to Huronia…. And so the goal is attracting day visitors and making certain they stay a few extra days enjoying our historic sites and attractions, cruising the 30,000 Islands and feeling quite at home here at The Gateway to the 30,000 Islands Here in the Heart of Huronia.

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Wintering Ships In Midland Harbour

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