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If Brewery Deal Dead In The Water – What Land Is Next?

If Brewery Deal Dead In The Water – What Land Is Next?


If the Bay Street parking lot land is found to be so polluted that the deal to locate the new business there is off the table, what’s next?  After all the secrecy surrounding this sale, the lure of fifty new jobs and a new tourist attraction, how can the town just let this deal die?  What new land are they looking at and what clean land does the town own near the waterfront that could be offered instead?  When are we going to have some of the long-promised transparency.  It seems anytime this council makes a deal that turns out to be a bad decision or blows up in their faces, the town is the last to know.

Will yet another location be more suitable with adequate parking for the patrons and the employees? Will the new location be offered for sale, properly? With the shortage of waterfront facing property will Edgehill Park be on the auction block again?

Midland has some great events planned this summer.  I hope that whatever comes of this contentious land deal is not lost to us with all fun and exciting distractions.  Oh look! a giant rubber duck in the harbour.  What were we talking about again?




  1. Why was this issue not brought up, when negotiations where under way ?? do we not have other lands suitable to this buyer, like a portion of the Uniman lands.Once again not enough research was done to make this deal work., toooo bad for Midland. R.L. Midland

  2. Councillor [Oschefski] is in Facebook admitting all this and mad that it got leaked. What a whiner. You guys keep midland informed with articles that have not been disproven in 3 years and he gets mad. Suck it up buttercup. You think having taxpayers watching and reporting what you want hidden is bad in local politics good luck in county or provincial or federal. Stop making back room deals and screwing over locals. I bet you clowns will be opening up our chequebook to pay to keep this deal alive. Secret in camera meetings is all you accomplished this term. Resign.

    1. Jimmy, we can see that you are upset and thank you for the support of our news… but name calling is over the top and violates our terms of service. We edited two words in your post to comply. Cody takes much heat for being the only councillor who engages with us, even if he hates what we do. We like Cody and respect the tough job he has to do but see ourselves and members as critics, much like an unofficial opposition. This submitted letter did not attack him and he was not the subject nor was he named in it. Thanks for your input.

  3. Rod, I understand what you are saying. That is why we try and get all of our facts straight when dealing with all of these types of issues. Bringing it to the public and then something happening makes us look like we didnt do our homework. This was leaked before we intended to bring it to public and we were forced to make a statement on it. The public is simultaneously telling us they want all of the info NOW and telling us to do our due dilligence before making it public. Can’t win really.

    JIMMY!!! Oselfie is my favorite one yet. Well done. 🙂 read the comment above, it answers your concern as well. I will not resign but I am happy to step aside graciously in 2018 if the public so chooses. Cheers and kudos on the creativity.

  4. perhaps my comment is outdated, but the way I see the parking lot/brewery issue is: 1) we can stop the brewery and park our cars on the lot. 2) we can work at the brewery 3) we can park our car in the staff parking lot as we head for work at the brewery. pick one!

  5. i am not surprised by this outcome but it serves council right for having this deal backfire on them when they did everything they could to hide it from the taxpayers it could hurt the most namely the Downtown building & business owners in the lower block. The first thing that came to my mind when this whole fiasco was first uncovered was there may be contaminants found on the property. I worked for my grandfather who was Midland’s “demolition man” for several years and helped him tear down most of the old freight sheds in the area including the ones on this property years ago. The property was used as a freight terminal for both trucks and trains and there likely had to be more than a few “spills and leaks” over the many years it was in use. It is too far back for me to remember what we had to haul out of the sheds and clean up the property when the demolition was complete but obviously something was found on the property to cause the deal to implode. The mayor should have had tests done first before even thinking about the possible sale of another one of “our” properties he is trying to unload .This would have prevented all the turmoil that happened because of another ” look before you leap” deal that has been too commonplace by this council lately .

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If Brewery Deal Dead In The Water – What Land Is Next?

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