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We Can All Be Ambassadors of Midland

We Can All Be Ambassadors of Midland


Re: “Appointment” By Patrick Brown Leaves Many In Confusion

One very good thing that has come of this is knowledge. Cody Oschefski is very communicative and has given loads of attention to this and other events. I applauded him as a friend and a councillor for engaging. In his speeches he said he was “green ……but it meant he was growing” not green as in party I ought to add.

There “could” have been conflicts because there “was” some confusion on the extent and expectations of the “role” and his “status” within said role. Perhaps a less “green” person would have made separate posts about representing someone and a declaration of interest in seeking deputy mayor seat.

It was a culmination of all is that caused such a huge response. I do wish there had been something written by Patrick Brown. It would have been very helpful. Something I thought about was that we can all be ambassadors of midland. We can all send our voices, concerns and events to Patrick Brown’s attention. Perhaps we can put our energies into advocating better for our town because most of us have shown that we have the passion.

Each one of us has a voice and as a resident our singular voice carries the same amount of value as another’s. How often do we not make our needs known? I hear so often that we are under represented. Let the MP, MPP and your ward councillors know how you feel! Let the groups know too.

Carole Ann Louise Nichols, Midland


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We Can All Be Ambassadors of Midland

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