Funding For GBGH

Funding For GBGH


We live in a neo-liberal, capitalist world where corporate and big bank taxes went from 28% to 15% and now we are paying the price. The big boys are salting away billions and you and I are doing without the services we once had. There are many who are talking and trying to broker deals but the bottom line is, we don’t have a chance now that the corporate coup is complete. The government handed everything over to LHINS which are an arm of the government put in place so they can do the dirty work and they pay the help well to do it.

What was it the head of the Simcoe Muskoka LHIN said? “I make $265,000 dollars a year” or something to that effect at a recent meeting.  This is $60,000 more than the Premier. I guess Kathleen thinks that it is worth it if these individuals can take the flack away from her and Minister Hoskins.

Well folks enjoy, because undoing something we let happen is harder to take back than letting it go in the first place. It isn’t just hospitals either. Hydro One, development growth out of control, farmland, wetlands, forests, clean water and the list goes on. A great legacy for our kids and grand kids eh!!!!

And it isn’t just the Province doing this, our local elected officials are looking to follow the same trend from what I read in our local print news.

John Morgan


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Funding For GBGH

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