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Letter Writing Campaign Launched To Save GBGH Services

Letter Writing Campaign Launched To Save GBGH Services


Diane Ouimet-Schryver and group of concerned citizens fighting to save the hospital services have put together a letter writing strategy aimed at members of the Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny and Tay communities as well as our seasonal cottagers, boaters and tourists.  They have circulated “please take one” copies of the strategy to local businesses as well as posted it to the GBGH SOS Facebook group and in published in local media.

Their concern is that the hospital board will not be voting on what to do about the 14 clinical recommendations from the Geyer & Associates study until September and there have been a few things that have happened lately – poor attendance at a meeting in Victoria Harbour last week to discuss GBGH issues, poor attendance at the GBGH board meeting last week, and the fact that GBGH CEO Karen McGrath painted a rosy picture about the hospital in a press release – mentioning that the books were balanced this past year (albeit with a $1.5M injection from the NSM LHIN) and not mentioning that they are predicting a $2M deficit for the upcoming year mostly due to negotiated staff pay increases.  

We don’t want people to sit back and think that some clinical services at the hospital (Obstetrics, Gynecology, ICU beds and OR days) are not still in jeopardy!  We want the public to continue to push the Provincial Government to help keep the hospital services!

Please download and read the letter writing campaign flyer and use the sample letter to inspire your own letters.

Nothing in politics happens quickly so perseverance is key to keeping this topic on the forefront of our Provincial politician’s minds – the squeaky wheel deserving of grease.

The sample letter looks like this:

Dear ( Blank ),

I am writing to ask for your assistance in intervening and stopping the cuts at Georgian Bay General Hospital in Midland, Ontario. Cuts to basic health care are under consideration by the Georgian Bay General Hospital Board. The recommended cuts will cause a serious deterioration to the health care of women, children, Indigenous peoples, Francophones and they will contribute to serious outcomes, including death. The cuts will also have a detrimental effect to the vitality of our community.

 am most concerned about the cuts on ( Blank ) because ( Blank ). My personal experience has been ( Blank ) and therefore, with the loss of this service, it will greatly endanger the health of members of our community. Will you please make a commitment to provide funding to keep these ( this ) valuable service(s) at Georgian Bay General Hospital?

The consequences are great as people may not have the means for adequate transportation or may not have the time to travel to another nearby city hospital for treatment. Some cases can be life-threatening and it is critical that our town has the necessary supports in place for its citizens. I thank you in advance for your consideration and look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,


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  1. It has been reported that there was a changing of the guard with the Chiefs of Staff which could mean they are either “circling the wagons” to defend some of those dreaded cuts or simply trying to get everybody singing from the same song book.

    1. More cuts so that they can line their pockets some more. Oh perfect. Well I mean if we’re getting rid of things that hold this town together why not right. PUC, cuts to the hospital, rezoning the park. Let’s destroy the town as quickly as possible I guess. We need new council and a new Mayor. This has to stop. We’re stripping the town of what it needs to thrive and calling it progress. I think it’s time to give their heads a shake and remove it from betwixed their butt cheeks.

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Letter Writing Campaign Launched To Save GBGH Services

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