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Midland Council Seems As Transparent As Paint

Midland Council Seems As Transparent As Paint


I have watched and listened to the platitudes and assurances from Gordon McKay about transparency in this term.  Yet I continue to be astounded at how little actual transparency is found at town hall.  The midland bay landing project has seemingly failed, yet nothing is said from the town.  I waited for the mayors update to speak to it, and see nothing.  I watched the council meeting and still nothing.  I have followed what little official news has been published about the project and found it to lack anything meaningful and then I read old newspaper stories about this developer and more questions by this group, all unanswered.  Then I watch the police topic unfold over the past year and see very little from the town and plenty of debate on social media.  I was cautiously optimistic when the mayor assured us all repeatedly that the policing debate will unfold with full transparency but was disappointed to be told that questions had to be sent by email to the clerk for display on the town’s website – instead of in a public meeting forum which most of us expected.

I asked questions and sent in my thoughts on the matter and waited.  Nothing updated on the town website.  No questions, not mine or anyone else’s.  I can only assume that others have written as directed.  Perhaps they did not like my questions or my perspective on the costs presented by the OPP?

With a pledge to have a decision within three months, one of which has already passed, when might we expect that transparency to begin?  From what I see over the past two years, midland council is about as transparent as paint on this and many other controversial topics as seen with the Bay street parking lot “backroom deal”, the Midland PUC sale and now the OPP consideration.  There have many other issues to a lesser degree but I risk appearing bitter the more I try to list them on this letter.

When can we expect to have some real input into these many matters and when can we expect to read the questions and answers to those questions on the town website as promised?  This decided lack of transparency only lends credence to those who see conspiracies, collusion and manipulation of this council’s decisions on matters of great interest to the town and generations that follow ours.

I have submitted this to the local paper and hope that others are writing in wondering what is going on at town hall and why, with so much of their term behind them, we see so little real progress and so many scandals, made so largely by council’s lack of clarity and their failure to deliver on promises of increased transparency.

J.R.M , Midland


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Midland Council Seems As Transparent As Paint

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