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New Bayshore Drive Parking A Concern

New Bayshore Drive Parking A Concern


My share is a concern regarding Bay Shore parking. The sight lines at intersections are a safety issue and parking on the south side could be a disaster in the making.

With the curves in the road, I am haunted by a vision of a child rushing to get to the north side park and being hit crossing between cars. There is also an issue with the x-walk at Midland Avenue not having sufficient signage, like point your finger or an overhead flashing light.

At Duck Days, it was not very safe for people or cars. Something to look at maybe, before the town faces a huge law suit.

John Morgan, Midland



  1. I also have a fear that an accident will happen on Bayshore Drive at the Midland Avenue intersection which I use almost every day. After the first week or so the first parking spot on either side of Midland Avenue was eliminated as visibility was zero for those wishing to turn onto Bayshore Drive. That correction works if traffic is slow and a large vehicle with tinted windows like pickup trucks or SUV’s are not in the first spot next to Midland Avenue. Traffic tends to speed up heading east on Bayshore still making it dangerous to pull out from Midland Avenue when these type of vehicles are parked close to Midland Avenue. Maybe the Town planner could spend an hour repeatedly driving around and try accessing Bayshore from Midland Avenue in both directions and see what Midland citizens face every day.

    Also the buses that bring passengers to the boat cruise or Boatworks restaurant can not make a safe turn onto Bayshore Drive east without passing through the one parking spot put on the corner of King & Bayshore Drive. Those parking there should be aware of this as their vehicle is parked in a spot inviting an accident.

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New Bayshore Drive Parking A Concern

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