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Cody Oschefski Is Patrick’s Brown New Voice In Midland?

Cody Oschefski Is Patrick’s Brown New Voice In Midland?


In a social media post by Midland’s Councillor Cody Oschefski, he announces “I’ve been asked to represent our MPP, Patrick Brown at Midland events. My first will be this Saturday at the Wye Marsh. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I look forward to making the town and our provincial government proud!”.

While this young Councillor is arguably the most vocal and socially active member of local government in our history, there are some concerns that some of our members and readers have expressed to this revelation.

Normally, they (Provincial Government) can get anyone from their riding association (friends, families etc) to speak on their behalf at events that they cannot attend (remembrance day, Canada day etc) and read prepared statements.  After all, they cannot be everywhere all the time and yet want to appear connected to each community that they represent.  The honour of reading the prepared statement is not meant to imply that the person has become a pipeline for information flow to the absent member of parliament.  Now, with Cody’s publicly stated aspirations to quickly move up in local politics (he’s expressed interest in the deputy mayor’s seat and then soon after, mayor – bolstered by his “more than enthusiastic” Facebook supporters) and the fact that he likely will want to pursue politics beyond the local level, he is looking for any opportunities to form alliances.  This should not come as a surprise.

If he were not the sole “stand-in” for Patrick and instead was “one of many” that would speak on Patrick Brown’s behalf, then I don’t see any real conflict as it is not uncommon to have a council member read statements at local events.   If however, he is found to have been selected to the be the ONLY local voice to do all of Patrick’s speaking in his stead, then a local politician could easily be put into a conflict of interest where local needs/wants may not align with the Conservative party or their leader’s beliefs or policies du-jour.  For that reason alone he should decline the honour and/or stop seeking further status with the Conservative party.

An arm’s length distance should be kept between these two levels of government with official and strategic communications as well as informal collaboration coming from our Mayor or a designate on a case-by-case, need-by-need basis.

So, while many of Cody’s supporters, and Cody himself, will see nothing but rainbows and unicorns, I agree with those who have expressed concern. Cody’s loyalties cannot be split, or perceived to be split.  He is our councillor and should be focussed solely on the town (which he seemingly has been) and not on building his contact list with the Province by being their puppet at local events that he would normally attend but not have a voice. This voice and perceived status he will achieve by accepting / seeking this position is the crux of the issue. With our Mayor taking time away for his personal health needs, the next logical voice is our deputy mayor – if Patrick is really wanting a local politician to be his voice.

There can be no shortage of people in the Conservative party leader’s entourage or riding association that could perform these duties rather than bestowing this task onto a local politician with aspirations to elevate his standing and position.  The spotlight that Cody will bask in can easily be seen as “deriving benefit from his position” and risks placing him in conflict of interest.

He likely won’t see it this way and will defend his position – like many other of his decisions, supported by his well-meaning online flock.  Cody is young, lacks both life experience and professional experience, has lots to learn but, has a promising career ahead of him if he learns from other’s successes and failures as well as evaluates each decision with the timeless self assessment – “is this the right thing to do” and puts the needs of the community above his own self-promotion or self-interest in all matters – not an easy task but one that goes with his office none-the-less.

Many of these sentiments and more are echoed in the comments found on his Facebook post, even by those who are his “friends”.  Perhaps he should re-consider his position on this matter.  Where do you stand on this?  Leave your comments below or share this story and discuss it online.

We’ve received clarity on this issue from Patrick Brown’s office. You can read that update here.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/TheCodyO/posts/10154318672427287


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  1. This has been an interesting conversation, I am quite enjoying it. I would love to clarify my position and I am open to your opinions as well. Firstly, I am not a conservative party member. Representing Pat Brown in our community gives me the opportunity to be at more Midland events and learn more about what is happening in Midland from a provincial standpoint. It also opens the conversation between myself as a municipal representative and our provincial leadership, whether it be Blue, Red, Orange or Green. My loyalty is to Midland and will remain that way. My intention is to run for Deputy Mayor in 2018, not to run provincially or federally. This is just a parnership that I feel is value added for Midland. I’m interested to hear the public’s opinions.

  2. Thank you for the news item and Cody’s thoughtful reply. I too am concerned about the appearance of political parties entering into municipal government. I find that political parties narrow the opportunities for open discussions with each member usually being required to stay the party line. Municipal government should not have that. I like to see council members voting individually according to their beliefs. It creates concerns when you see the same councillors voting as a block no matter what the topic. Cody is wise to seek advice from all levels of our community.

    1. My morals and values are mine and cutting a few ribbons will not change that. My motivation is making Midland a better place for all demographics. Having a relationship with out provincial government is a benefit to all of us. I do not identify with any party and noone will influence my decision making at Midland council.

  3. Cody,
    Surprised you have the time…..after all you did post that you have two full time jobs……!!!!!!!!
    TRW, union, and council keep you very busy. Good luck, I think you may need it…….you won’t get much support from Ward 2 residents. You are a nice young man.

  4. Well, after lengthy debates on his page and the surprising revelation that some of his followers actually agree with the points we raised in this article he blocked me.

    Can’t take the heat or critique. No worries. We have many members who can keep the information flow alive and well. Seems we touched another nerve with Cody by once again challenging him with alternative viewpoints.

    1. I welcome the heat. I enjoy heated debate with residents here. But hiding behind an alias is unacceptable. You have called me a puppet, said I lack life and professional experience. How many terms of office have you served Mr. Midland that qualify you in giving me political advice. I look forward to the day you declare your identity, then we can continue the discussion. Until then, enjoy your anonymity, just not on my page.

  5. Cody has goals and aspirations that he’s working hard to make come true. The fact that he is being offered such a wonderful opportunity shows that his positive outlook and dedication are paying off. Jo Midland, what are your goals and aspirations? I certainly hope you wish to be more than the town gossip one day! Perhaps along the way, you’ll also learn that putting others down doesn’t actually make your life any better.

    1. Thanks for commenting. You are misinterpreting this as a personal attack. He’s an elected official who’s judgement in this matter may be swayed by his ambition and that is the subject of the article – not the event organizing he’s been doing for Midland. As I’ve found on the MANY posts and debates about this matter on his page, both he and his core cheerleaders won’t talk about the subject matter and blindly defend him without being able or willing to deal with the facts and optics of this latest announcement.

      While it is an earmark of his generation to require constant validation and approval, you should consider that perhaps other people’s viewpoints may be worthy of consideration and equally valid and not get so defensive at critique. Just because someone disagrees with you and is willing to debate you doesn’t make them a bully. I look forward to Patrick Brown’s input about Cody’s status as his “voice in Midland” and will report back to our readers.

  6. I was not misinterpreting this article at all. I was stating my opinion of you and what your intentions are based on a few posts and articles by you that I’ve read. I used this article as a place to voice that opinion. But perhaps I’ll come back to you later, and for now I’ll focus on this article since that is what you have responded with. While I agree that debate is fine, unfortunately, you’ve presented one side of the situation. Your article focuses on everything that is wrong with Cody taking this opportunity, and neglects to mention anything positive about this opportunity, other than Cody having the chance to “bask in the spotlight.”

    1. Jill, that is how a debate works. One person presents one side of the coin, and the other person presents a different side… that is how debating works 🙂 This was posted as an opinion editorial (clearly classified as such) and therefore I reported with opinion. The fact that you don’t agree is fine and a debate about the topic can and should ensue – and already has begun. So, if you want to post a “ya but” type of response on why this is so good for Midland and not all about advancing his political career, then you have the floor any time you wish. We won’t ban you here and your comments will be approved un-edited.

      Cody is an excellent event planner but also thrives on validation and public attention / gratitude. He seeks the deputy mayor’s seat in the next election and takes every criticism as an insult. You will find that my opinion on this matter may be shared by more folks in the community… or maybe it’s just me. Since I wrote the opinion piece, I can only presume to speak for those who inspired it and the content of the article for which I take full responsibility.

  7. If you are such an expert at debates, then you are also aware that they contain closing statements at which point the debate is over. It stops. It’s done. Yours however, fail to do that. You keep commenting day in and day out to the point that you could be considered a Facebook troll. The fine people of Midland have been forming their own opinions without your help for many years. People do not need to hear your opinion in order to make theirs. They will listen to the facts, which you aren’t even always including in your “op eds” which in some cases tend to be more like a gossip column. If you had waited for the facts in this case, you would have realized that the situation was different than you initially thought, and it would have saved a whole lot of people from getting upset. Shame on you for creating such a rift in the beautiful and caring community of Midland. Small towns need people that work together on a common goal, rather than people who work to create controversy and scandal.

  8. So if I read you right I should not reply to you? Cody announced something that was misleading. We knew how these thing normally work. We asked a question and the got clarity from the MPP and published it all. Cody overstated his role. We questioned that and you say we should not have. Sorry you feel that way. How dare we. We exist to bring news and commentary to local issues. There is no opposition or party system in local politics so that’s left up to all of us. We just focus that role on our site and social media and find it works quite well. Read the other non Cody stories we have broken and covered. Sorry your blind faith in one local politician does not allow anyone to question him or present an opposing viewpoint. This “outrage” only strengthens my resolve. Welcome to democracy.

  9. Google defines gossip as “casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.” You read something on Facebook, and spread it around to others before knowing whether or not it was true or factual. That is gossip, not reporting. I believe you should have waited to hear from Patrick Brown’s office before saying anything about the issue. Then you would have had all the facts needed to form your opinion, and not caused unnecessary uproar. You may be surprised to find out that I am not another one of Cody’s fans. I went to high school with Cody, and worked with him, and to be honest, I didn’t really care for the guy back then. However, I am a huge fan of Midland, and I think Cody’s doing great things for the community, which is more than I can say about you. You say your raison d’être is to bring news and commentary to local issues. Personally, I think the Mirror, the Free Press, and even SNAPd, are already doing a fine job of this. Your opinions are highly divisive and seem to be doing more harm than good. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, as are others. I wonder if at times, especially in your Facebook hijacks, if you have crossed the line from offering opinions, to harassment. Seeing as you seem to be filled with more hot air than me, I realize this democratic debate of ours could continue on for a while. I don’t have time for that. It has been nice talking with you, but I’m going to put my time toward things that will bring a positive change to the community.

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Cody Oschefski Is Patrick’s Brown New Voice In Midland?

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