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Community Group Recruiting Interim CAO From Their Membership

Community Group Recruiting Interim CAO From Their Membership


In what they dubbed as an “important community announcement”, the Roy Ellis’ local lobby group, MidlandCommunity.ca sent the following appeal to their subscribers.

– Quote

Are you a seasoned executive who has been looking for a great chance to apply your talents for the benefit of all Midland, but aren’t in a position to make a long-term commitment? Here’s your chance.

Please be advised that the Town of Midland is currently seeking a talented executive for the interim Chief Administration Officer (CAO). This is a critical position necessary to ensure the town’s business advances while the search commences for a permanent CAO.

This is critical because Council is currently reviewing several significant opportunities to include: the possible sale/merger of the MPUC utility; the OPP costing bid; the stalled 2016 budget process and related success; and the Midland Bay Landing development, to name but a few. These significant and complex matters can materially re-shape Midland as we know it today.

We encourage all “seasoned executives” with the required capability and passion to apply before March 8th. The interim CAO job description is posted on the Town of Midland’s web site, under the tab, Employment Opportunities.

View the job posting here.

Please feel free to share this e-mail with business acquaintances who have impressed you with their talent and their can-do attitude.

“Helping our future arrive on schedule”!

Midland matters, you matter and getting involved matters.

– Unquote

With much of council already composed of the MidlandCommunity.ca “endorsed” candidates from the last election, and the reality that their founders are on many committees and boards and that they are frustrated at not having been able to fully push their cut and slash agenda (evidenced by their updates sent to subscribers and the lambasting that the EDCNS chair Kevin Cowie e-mailed into Council for Feb 22), it should be deeply concerning to Midland residents if their leadership or members “under their influence” should gain control over the staff of the Town of Midland.  More puppet mastery at play.

Regardless of the candidate’s intentions this could only be seen as a direct conflict of interest for a lobby group, who’s stated desire is to achieve millions in savings largely by gutting staff wages and benefits, to seize control of the top job at Town hall.

Furthermore, and even more troubling is that they remain mute about severance, gag order money and human resource issues at Town hall that we have estimated at well over 1 Million dollars thus far and growing.

Either they fully support these terminations and accept the payouts as collateral damage to achieving their mandate – or – they are completely blind to the goings on at Town hall, which is highly unlikely considering their connections to the inner workings of Midland government.

For a group so fixated on waste and over taxation it is very telling to see them utterly silent on millions of tax dollars wasted thus far.


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  1. Another example of stupidity and waste by this lost council. Why waste the money and resources on finding an “interim” CAO? You are duplicating efforts and expense for no good reason. I’m sure that, even though it is an extra burden for your staff, you can manage without a CAO for the time it takes to recruit a suitable one. If you leave your clerk in this position for a while, make sure you pay her extra accordingly and get her some help to manage both jobs… maybe a couple weeks off (paid) once you fill the position as thanks… even with some incentives you would have saved tax payers tens of thousands of dollars as well as the risk of hiring one of those community group nutbags who will go on a Donald Trump firing rampage leaving carnage and settlements for the new CAO to walk into as they slink away back to their keyboards. What the hell is going on in this town! Are you all insane? You are supposed to be looking after our hard earned tax dollars and making logical decisions. Nothing I am reading here makes any sense.

  2. My concern is that those “seasoned executives” that are being encouraged to apply for the CAO job, may not have experience with municipal laws, finance and reporting requirements. .

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Community Group Recruiting Interim CAO From Their Membership

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