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Is The Good Ship Midland Floundering?

Is The Good Ship Midland Floundering?


It would appear Good Ship Midland is floundering  after town hall’s CAO was hustled to the front door and given the heave-ho. Wonder if  there will be heavy costs involved, legal advice given to town fathers/mother as well as separation pay should the person in question go quietly and not sue for breach of contract or wrongful dismissal as quite often these things do occur in certain circumstances.  

everyones-communityIs this the Year of Snake?  Wow, town hall seems to be up to its fannies with not only snow but apparently pending turmoil. Potentially unloading some parkland and maybe the PUC and changing the look of Bayshore’s waterfront, and what to do about our fire and police departments, wedding Midland and Penetanguishene hard services and now whisperings about amalgamation of municipalities….kinda regional government part two.  

As the weeks and months progress, taxpayers may want to closely monitor all goings on a town hall…..no one wants to be surprised with their pants down.

Here is how it is all supposed to work…



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  1. why was she fired,, and no doubt there will be a lawsuit and a settlement,, Our local politicians need to be reminded,, they work for us,, that their jobs are temp and they can be given the heave ho as well, we trust these people and if they breach that trust,, well

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Is The Good Ship Midland Floundering?

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