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Midland Council Curiosities – Edition #12

Midland Council Curiosities – Edition #12


Midland Council released their Strategic Plan at their March 6, 2019 Council Agenda. It is a rather lengthy list that details a number of priorities for the next four years. The list will make an excellent scorecard from which to judge how this Council performs during their term.

County restructuring will have a significant impact on how our local municipalities will look like prior to the next municipal elections. The report from the Province should be released sometime  after July of this year and it will be a very interesting document to review. We hope our local municipal politicians are ready to embrace change in governance and service delivery as the Province prepares to move Simcoe County into the 21st century.

Midland Council will be finally starting their 2019 budget process this month. Since a number of other municipalities are already nearing completion of their 2019 budgets, we can’t help but wonder why is Midland so far behind? Midlands budget is expected to be done by June, which will be almost half way through the budget year. Just curious why the delay?

The “Sunshine List” has been released and some municipalities have already issued press releases detailing salaries of their staff who made over $100,000 in 2018. We have yet to see any such release from the Town of Midland. Just curious when this will be released to the taxpayers? Will the list include the eleven employees who are under “contract”? Just curious about transparency and accountability?

The Human Resources Committee met on March 8, 2019. Most of the items were on the agenda in closed session. These items included the CAO contract and Labour Relations on negotiations and arbitration. It also included an item detailing 2019 staffing levels for the 2019 budget. Just curious why the 2019 staffing levels for the budget are in closed session? Hopefully the budget meetings will include this information along with comparisons to 2018 staffing levels. In our edition #11, we noted eleven “contracts” and asked why so many contracts instead of regular employee hirings?

Perhaps a member of Council could request staff to publish two plans that were done in 2018 on the Towns website. The Cruise Ship Industry study and the Parks and Trails Master Plan are two studies that should be available on the Towns website so taxpayers can see the results. Just curious what these studies said and how they will be implemented?


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Midland Council Curiosities – Edition #12

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