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Midland Council Snubs Patrick Brown’s Day For Seniors

Midland Council Snubs Patrick Brown’s Day For Seniors

Patrick Brown MPP and Leader of Ontario PC Party addresses Midland Seniors
Patrick Brown MPP and Leader of Ontario PC Party addresses Midland Seniors

Simcoe North MPP Patrick Brown hosted “A Day for Seniors,” on September 16 at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre.  The event was well attended and guests were addressed by our MPP as well as past MPP Garfield Dunlop.  Local politicians took time to attend including Mayor Scott Warnock (Tay), Anita Dubeau (Penetanguishene) as well as Mayor George Cornell (Tiny).  Several attendees voiced concern after the event that it was embarrassing for Midland, as the host community, to have not a single council representative bother to attend.   With a council of nine we would expect even a token show of support to our seniors.  While I am sure each will offer a valid excuse for not being able to make it, more than one person noticed their absence.  If any were in attendance and incognito, then their presence went unnoticed.

Midland Council, surely one of you could have spared an hour for this event?  It was great to see some of you at the Terry Fox Run but this event was full of voters and ratepayers who despite their age, have long memories and may have taken this apparent snub as a lack of support to our vibrant senior community.

Read More: http://www.simcoe.com/news-story/6861980-simcoe-north-mpp-patrick-brown-uses-midland-event-to-call-for-stronger-investments-in-senior-care/


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  1. Do you mean a show of support for the seniors or for Patrick Brown? I mean, so what? Why should people show up for what was mostly a partisan event? Im guessing he spoke a lot about what the conservatives would do for seniors if they were in power? I am not a big fan of Wynne but if you think the conservatives, being in favour of smaller government and given their history, are going to allocate more resources to seniors then I have a magic bean I want to sell you. This is a man, as more info comes out every day, that can’t give a straight answer to either his supporters or the general public in regards to the sex ed curriculum, who got paid MP wages from our tax dollars to do an MPs ‘job but spent his last year as such neglecting those duties to campaign for MPP, a man whose convictions change to whatever the majority opinion of those in the room with him. If you vote for him you are trading one shitty politician for another. If you are to write puff pieces for any party, please be honest and honestly declare your bias.

  2. No offence but I have yet to see a politician who does wat they say and says wat they do so really when it comes down to it ….doesn’t matter who is in we are goin to be screwed over yet again and haters are still goin to hate !!!!!

  3. The article was inspired by submissions to us. If there were no other political leaders (mayors) from the neighbouring communities there then there would be no story. The fact that Midland choose not to send anyone is the story, not the fact that it was a PC hosted event. Our politicians routinely attend all kinds of events in the community and for some reason decided that this one was not a priority.

  4. Oh how liberals get their panties in knots if you write even a non partisan post that dosnt kindly reflect the liberals.. It’s easy to spot a liberal just don’t give them the spot light illuminating a bunch of empty crap.. Ha

  5. Wow, Carl, you are just so clever! How can I ever respond to your clever comment? Maybe you should read what I wrote before you making yourself look foolish. I said that I am not a fan of Wynne’s and called her a shitty politician. So please explain how that makes me a liberal.

  6. So my non perfect grammar and spelling makes my point void?? Wow your spelling and grammar skills must make you proud and popular In the perfect crowds .. How dare I voice my opinion with out perfect grammar.. What was I thinking.?..Your a word smith I guess so you win.. Now you come show me how to fall a 200 foot tree in between houses.. I’m good at that so let’s compare skills .. I’ll even lend you my saw..

  7. I’ll tell ya one thing I’m proud of my life .. I’ve done super good without being a word nazi.. Plus what would the word nazis do with out us clearing the land, building your homes and infrastructure.. I’d assume freeze to death or become food to the strong.. I’ll accept your thanks … Haha

  8. Wow you are pretty sensitive! Guess you can dish it out but can’t take it. Are your panties in a knot.Answer my question Carl. What exactly makes me a liberal Carl? Saying ” I am not a big fan of Wynne”? or saying she is a “shitty politician”? I dont mind an opinion but try to base it something I said.Yes Carl, thank you for clearing all the land, building all the homes and infrastructure because you speak for everybody who did? Is this what you do every time you are shown to be a fool or lose an argument? Tell somebody you are better at something else than they are? Im a nurse Carl. i bet I can out nurse you so I win! See how silly you sound? When people are ill I help them. I’ll accept your thanks.

  9. I ‘m working tomorrow morning as well. Good cop out though. You can call me something but can’t back it up. I never said that you don’t have the spelling and/ or grammar of a grade schooler but I would agree that you DO have the spelling and /or grammar of a grade schooler.If you don’t want to be insulted Carl then don’t insult others. I can have a civilized argument with others like Jo Midland but instead of having a friendly debate you have spew bile like”…pile of empty crap.” I don’t know you Carl and I’ve never done anything to you and there was no reason for it.

  10. Say about what? I’m not a liberal. I said I didn’t like Wynne and that she is a shitty politician. You were calling me out on being a liberal. I never said I was a liberal and even insulted her. So what exactly did you have a say about. Something that nobody said?

  11. Anyway Carl. I never said you were stupid and I DON’t think you are stupid. I am only guessing but are you of German background? I only say this because perhaps we are more alike than you think : stubborn, have to have the last word and are always right! LOL! Anyway I bid you a gute nacht and hopefully no hard feelings.

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Midland Council Snubs Patrick Brown’s Day For Seniors

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