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New Street Signs Cost Taxpayers $52,000 + Wages

New Street Signs Cost Taxpayers $52,000 + Wages


Perhaps you’ve noticed the snazzy new street signs being installed around Midland, specifically up and down Hugel Avenue with more to come.  The signs are attractive no doubt but… aren’t we in self-imposed austerity right now?

We have learned from sources at Town Hall that the signs cost $40,000 plus another $12,000 for the brackets that they didn’t budget for and had to purchase after the fact. We can then add in wages to install these “nice-to-have” but not “need-to-have” signs.

Once again, where is the outrage from MidlandCommunity.ca who’s “minimums only” stance demands made on this Council are obviously falling on deaf ears.  No rebuke for this waste is found in their updates.  Silence must equate to support or acceptance.

Trying to cut out 1.5 Million from our budget in a redux of the original motion introduced by Councillor Strathearn and initially rejected by the rest of  Council.  The new motion seeks to save the same money but with a different timeframe and has the support of Council.  A full examination of perceived waste and unnecessary expenses in all departments is long overdue according to our past interim CAO.  I cannot see any harm in looking for waste and cutting unnecessary expense and support it.  Council also imposed a hiring freeze and is still in the midst of funding the golden parachutes for the all the staff they fired or retired (directly or indirectly) over the past two years since taking office costing us anywhere between $500,000 to $1,000,000 by time it is all paid out.  Let’s add to the facts that Council is also looking at outsourcing everything they can, starting with police dispatch and there is talk of parks and rec being next – while they fight with the OPSEU labour over salaries and benefits.  Then there is the liquidation of profitable assets like the PUC that is now for sale to the highest bidder…  And we are building a new operations centre that has already gone millions over budget before the first shovel was in the ground.  Once again, there is an argument for the new building but… where are our priorities?

It just seems an odd contradiction to purchase and install new street signs on a large-scale to replace perfectly good street signs.  Sure, there were some that were in need of some care, maybe even replacing, but to do a mass order and begin changing them all seems excessive in times like these.  Cutting services, cutting senior staff only to hire new ones and then a freeze on general labour positions that are accessible to everyday towns folk.


Sure I like the signs but I don’t like the message it sends…  much like council’s demands that all departments come in at zero percent increase while they vote themselves a 1% increase and keep drawing benefits just stinks of hypocrisy.  Tourists aren’t going to say, “gee let’s come back to Midland because they have those pretty street signs!”

Are we trying to grind down a deficit and only pay for priorities or are we buying everything we “want” even though we only have the money for the things we really “need”.  New signs would not top my list.   Fix the ones that need fixing and keep the rest of the money in the bank.  Something tells me we will need it.



  1. Abbreviating a word to make room for a period and to insert the Midland logo makes perfect sense. A great thing in case someone thought they were in another town by accident. All geographical confusion can now be put to rest.

    1. You also have to remember we are a tourist town. We survive from the tourist flow. Our cosmetics actually play a huge part in that. I have gone to many other towns and I remember saying “midland is so much nicer”. So why would I go visit another town when my hometown is nicer? Believe it or not, having nice street signs does draw more tourism. I understand it’s not always easy to see your tax dollars go to things like street signs, but like the article said, there are over 200 new signs and they basically cost $1-$2 per resident. Have you had Tim Hortons once this year? Your Tim Hortons cost more then your “contribution” to the street signs.

    2. Now it’s $1.00 to $2.00 per person for the signs!!! Get your head out of your ass!! We need JOBS in this town, not street signs! We don’t need street signs for tourism, WE NEED JOBS in this area so we can attract tourism!

    3. I really appreciate your debating, however I do not appreciate the name calling and condescending comments. When you want to talk to me like an adult then I’d be more then happy to have this conversation with you.

    4. Aaaawwwww!!! Condescending, yes, but I don’t see any name calling anywhere in my comment. You said before, that the signs cost about $1.00 per person, now it’s $1 to $2 per person!!! You sound just like the rest of the two faced politician!! And I never said I wanted to talk to you, let alone talk to you like an adult!!!

  2. To bad we gave away all the water front to the rich.. That’s where the real tourist dollars were at.. But our town council is either corrupt or stupid or both.. Proper development of our water front would of put money back not cost the tax payers more, but apparently we have a real lack of thinkers running this town …

  3. back in the day there were lots of jobs in midland due to numerous manufacturing plants. we just had to show up sober and work hard. unfortunately those daze have vanished along with the jobs. they went south, due to high labour costs we (me too!) insisted on. we bargained ourselves out of work. and we are not alone

  4. Bunch of bandits
    Cut the trails budget that would of increased tourism and gave residents free recreational value, and spend on new signs.
    Starting to realize this council is no better then the last 20yrs

  5. Jodi Weatherell never said he was a bad guy only afraid to take on critical thinking. Message vs Messenger. He won’t deal with the former because he doesn’t like the latter.

  6. We can agree that a prime objective of any elected official is to be re-elected. Re-election is a function of “their record”. Their record is comprised of their votes (positions) on individual issues and the representation of their constituents. Incumbents tend to lose their seats if they can’t run on their record. I hope that the current council isn’t basing their re-election strategy on voter apathy or lack of memory.

  7. Whats this stupidity you go on about me being on the ballot.. that’s just dumb and has nothing to do with our town council making stupid decisions.. I’m not running but this council is on borrowed time. Vote vote vote.. hahaa

  8. I think the illuminati are involved somehow as well. I walking through the Midland sewer system one midnight when I stumbled upon one the secret Midland council meetings. I spied uon them for a while. Their plan isto use the $52000 to muzzle their archenemy Jo Midland who is very close to exposingthe truth.

  9. I agree with Jodi, if you pontificate about a poor council etc, and feel changes should be made, then get out there and become active, involved at various levels of government or boards. stand up for your beliefs in a public forum, of some kind. It’s easy for folks to find fault in any community affair on social media.

  10. Jodi (and anyone else who thinks this simplistically)… Every four years we do effect change and leading up to that “one day of change” we watch, listen and participate in our democratic right to protest in thought word and deed when we see our elected politicians failing us in any way. We do not have to run for office or shut up although our elected would love to hear you say and think that way.

    We will not stop pointing out the failures of those we elevate to govern us. We will not be silenced by sarcasm, abuse or passive aggressive online comments. You are free to think any way you want as are the rest of us. It ain’t all sunny days but we keep hoping… and I’m so glad that you live and support your politicians right to their opinions and voice yet would see us deprived of ours.

  11. Robert, if you want him to see your comments on any of our news, comment on our News page since it gets posted by our website account instead of my account. Until Cody’s done with his pointless self-imposed blockade of “me” he will not see any conversation that ensues that involves him unless Jodi or someone else tells him… “rolling my eyes over the drama” (we post everything on both this group and the news page to ensure maximum reach)

  12. I think my comment was sufficient enough. That’s a prime example of why you are blocked. Always having to get your two cents in, even when the exact comment was already made. You just had to add that Cody has blocked you. You seem quite upset about it because you are constantly bringing it up. When you grow up and speak to others like an adult using your real identity, I promise you Cody will unblock you. Until then, keep crying over it. Sincerely, the real Jo-Di Midland.

  13. You failed to mention the reason he can’t see my posts… which is why I filled in the blanks. I will continue to tell the whole story until you choose to. Facts are facts.

  14. Well then let’s say the real reason why he blocked you. Cody blocked you because it got a point of you harassing others. Someone would say good job Cody, and you were hop on there and say why you felt he wasn’t doing a good job and how we are part of his glee club and everything else. You attacked people. You expect transparency from Cody, but can’t give it yourself. That my friend, is the definition of a hypocrite.

  15. I post an alternative viewpoint on many topics… I support him when I agree and conversely, I post disagreement or opposing views on his perspective, or those of others. Just like what we are doing now… Disagreeing or debating is not attacking. Overly sensitive people who only want to surround themselves with “likers” are a product of social media.

  16. No, some of the comments you made were attacking. Maybe you don’t remember, but the rest of us Cody fan club do. The main point is that you expected him to open and honest with you, all the while you hide behind a fake profile. Grow up.

  17. The passive aggressive responses are also yours to deal with. I am sorry you feel that way. Your opinion does matter, as does mine and everyone else in this group. We don’t have to agree… and thats ok.

  18. But you can’t expect someone to be open with you, when you aren’t open with them. That’s my point. Anyways, I’m going to spend thanksgiving day with my boyfriend; because I am thankful for him. I am not thankful for people who think they are superior to anyone. Bye!

  19. How people interpret the facts presented determines their response Jo. Having an open mind makes a world of difference with regard to said response. Sadly there are still those who view facts as conjecture when those facts are being presented by you my friend.

  20. As a former resident of Midland and a sign business owner. I know quite a bit about the cost of these way finding signs. First there was the initial $70,000. Consultation fee that the taxpayers payed to have a company tell us we needed new signs. Then there was a tender secretlyrics put out which I got wind of from someone on town council and I did submit my bid which was $10,000. less than the company from Peterborough who was awarded the tender and then upped the price another $50,000 for a total of $90,000. The Signs were supposed to be delivered and installed by May 24th 2013 they have been sitting in the Parks Department warehouse since then and some of them were installed this year.You will notice that most of the way finding signs are damaged and look like crap. I challenged the Mayor and CAO on this matter after Brian Peter’s hung up the phone on me. I now live just outside Midland after living there for 6 years and never being awarded any sign business from the town. Except when Gord McKay needed some cheaper election signs. Your town council passed a by-law so they did not have to use local businesses for work in town.

    1. I have noticed the new street signs on our block, and must admit I am quite impressed with them, and are an improvement to our community

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New Street Signs Cost Taxpayers $52,000 + Wages

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