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More Than One Community Taking Exception To Local Lobbyist

Community struggles to stop Roy Ellis and Alvin Hui (Tiara Holdings) from damaging the marine ecosystem for profit
Community struggles to stop Roy Ellis (right) and Alvin Hui (standing) of Tiara Holdings from damaging the marine ecosystem for profit

In our series of articles studying the links and local lobbying activities of MidlandCommunity.ca’s co-founder, Roy Ellis, we were alerted by a member to a kindred spirit in a community as far away as Nanaimo British Columbia.

It seems that our two communities are facing similar struggles and Nanaimo’s issues with Tiara Holdings, a joint venture between Roy Ellis and a Vancouver lawyer Alvin Hui, have put our local lobbyist in conflict with a citizen’s group that seems to be organizing against them to stop what they purport to be serious environmental and land use issues stemming from a plan to dredge and backfill a sensitive marine ecosystem in Boat Harbour Marina – property owned by Ellis and Hui through their holding corporation.

Not only are the citizens there trying to stop his development but they are finding their concerns falling on deaf ears without any consideration by Tiara Holdings.  The video above will help explain the issue.  The link to the latest articles are below.

Update March 30th 2016: http://www.ourmidland.ca/letters-opinion/nanaimo-residents-arms-denial-historic-access-midland-lobbyist-2016-03-31

There are striking similarities between the land that Ellis and Hui own and want to expand in Nanaimo and land on Midland’s waterfront.  The former coal docks and coal dust contamination, the marinas located adjacent to that land, the fact that the land in question, that Roy Ellis arranged for a land swap deal is part of the old railway property whose rights extend to the bottom of the bay several metres from shore…  coincidence?  Maybe…

The community in Nanaimo is mobilizing to stop their expansion plans which include denying access to local residents among many other issues highlighted in the video and the articles.

So our local lobby group’s leader seems to be forcing his will upon more than just our community. The telling part of this is that it’s for the oldest reason known to man… pure financial gain.  The motivation in Nanaimo is simple – bending the community to their wills and ultimately for personal financial gain (and that of any shareholders – of course) – public opinion be damned, along with the environment?

Read the stories from accredited news sources below, watch the video and make up your own mind.

It won’t sway our council who hangs on his every word as gospel truth, but it might make things a little more clear to concerned residents in our community as certain projects unfold in the not so distant future and to see why the group’s stance is silent or deafening depending on how it aligns with their agenda – and fiscal forecast.

You can see the frustrations in their letters to the editor:

“In regards to the proposed development plan for Boat Harbour, it is a very bad idea; nothing good can come of this. So let’s stop it before it is too late. We as a community do not need developers from who knows where coming into our community just to get rich. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it is against Mother Nature. So let’s use common sense and cancel the whole deal.” – http://www.nanaimobulletin.com/opinion/letters/372294551.html
Frank O’Neill
Frank O’Neill

You can follow their struggles here: https://www.google.ca/webhp?q=boat+harbour+marina+nanaimo#q=boat+harbour+marina+nanaimo&tbm=nws

It also seems that the community has launched and online petition to stop Ellis and Hui’s activities: https://www.change.org/p/bill-veenhof-shaw-ca-env-minister-gov-bc-ca-minister-transportation-gov-bc-ca-stop-the-destruction-of-our-natural-coastline

There are several more newspaper reports about this issue, leading up to the meeting that we have publish above… you may want to read the links below to get some more perspective.

Article 1: https://issuu.com/take5publications/docs/web-march_take_5.indd/16
Article 2: http://www.nanaimobulletin.com/news/373151761.html
Article 3: http://www.nanaimobulletin.com/news/370301381.html
Article 4: http://www.nanaimobulletin.com/news/371837361.html
Article 5: http://www.cheknews.ca/residents-south-of-nanaimo-say-trail-to-boat-harbour-on-private-land-should-be-public-145301/

Roy Ellis failed land deal on Midland waterfront: http://www.simcoe.com/news-story/2026706-restaurant-owner-eyes-town-land/
Land swap deal approved after new MidlandCommunity.ca backed council voted in: http://m.simcoe.com/news-story/5700120-land-swap-between-town-of-midland-boathouse-eatery-moves-forward




    1. I never read anything meaningful from your paper… I read your stuff no matter where I go – and I am still blown away by finding Roy in Nanaimo… bet he NEVER thought you’d find out about his little shell holding corporations. I am looking into them for fun now… hong kong here I come…

  1. They won’t print – or even look into – ANYTHING we publish. We’ve had it out with Travis Mealing and he’s just too stubborn. He’s sore about the article we posted slamming them for not printing our political cartoon and is punishing the community as a result. They won’t look into any controversy and won’t print anything potentially negative about “he who cannot be named” since he threatened to sue them the last time they did. He scared them into submission and no amount of goading from us (lord knows we’ve tried) will change that it seems.

    So… share this! Share any of our news you find interesting… we don’t make this stuff up…

    1. Because he sic’d his lawyer on them and cut off their editor’s junk… he’s good and neutered now it seems. Too bad.. they used to print some pretty risky stuff back in the day when there were two papers as I recall…

  2. In another twist of events, it seems that Mr Ellis was approached about his connections here in Midland after we contacted the fine folks in Nanaimo to express our condolences and shared troubles… they said that they approached him to ask about his troubles in Midland and he denied being the same person! Seriously.

    We send a few photos and some video as well links to his FB profile to clear up that misconception. They were thankful. Who’d guess he’d play the “shaggy” card – “wasn’t me”… What a funny world we live in.

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More Than One Community Taking Exception To Local Lobbyist

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