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Town Launches A Survey For Service Delivery Improvements

Town Launches A Survey For Service Delivery Improvements


“The Town prides itself on providing top-notch services to our residents and businesses.” said Midland Mayor Gord McKay. “This process will ensure we can deliver and maintain the types of services our community wants as efficiently as possible.”

The survey can be found HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/midlandcomsurvey) and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The survey will be accessible until Wednesday​, November 15th, 2017.

By all means, take the survey… but this council and town administration have shown nothing but contempt for the will of the people since 2014. Why would they start listening now?

We could start with the hollow promise of transparency in our local government affairs and meetings. In camera meetings (no public or media allowed) are at an all-time high.

The outsourcing of the concession at the sports and rec centre and the ousting of local jobs.  Then the hiring freeze that hurt service delivery.  Then the sale of Edgehill Park despite the largest petition and civil uprising around a topic in decades.  Then the slew of firings and forced retirements at town hall as they gutted services and the staff who managed them.  The considerable expense (millions of tax dollars for severance) was swept under the carpet and minimized by the town, council and even the local champion of tax dollars, Roy Ellis’s Midland Community.ca.

Then they outsourced police dispatch supposedly to make keeping the community police more viable.  More great local jobs gone and tax dollars sent to Owen Sound.  Then we saw the Midland Bay Landing project awarded to a criminal with recent and local convictions for fraud in relation to failed developments in Simcoe County… the mayor and council knew all about this and still chose him.  It failed miserably.  Any surprise?

Add a few more controversies, more firings and loading up on friends of the new CAO from Innisfil along with perks never seen before by other employees.

Next was the sale of MPUC despite public demands to keep the utility or call a plebiscite to give council a mandate to sell our profitable asset.

The next issue was a surprise sale of the parking lot on Bay Street to Barnstormer Brewery.  The town decided it would use its privilege to simply waive the formalities of actually declaring it surplus and offering it for public sale so it could craft a back room deal with the brewery.  That deal caused much grief with locals and both the council and CAO defended their actions without remorse.  The deal blew up in their faces after the lands were deemed too expensive to remediate due to industrial pollution on the site.

Then came the vote to get rid of the local police and contract to the OPP.  The costs to disband the local police and pay severance has yet to materialize but it will be in the multi-millions, payable in 2018 and seeing Midland paying more for OPP policing for the next 4 years with nothing but a glimmer of hope that the costs will fall in year 5 and beyond (a nobody to hold accountable if they don’t).  At every public engagement where the Mayor spoke, including the night of the vote, the perceived “savings” kept dropping from 10 million to 6 million with the final costs still to be determined and estimates by the police that there will be no savings at all.

2018 is fast approaching. Give them your feedback and let’s see what, if anything they do with it.  I suspect this is more “make us feel like they are listening” tactics.

So take the survey, and as you ponder the questions, remember what they’ve been doing for the past three years (we’ve not even covered all the issues in this quick post).  A few festivals and events, as wonderful as they are, cannot make up for the mismanagement and bungling at town hall and the gutting of Midland’s services cannot be undone by a survey.  Once these things are gone, they are gone forever.  The new council in 2018 will inherit a Midland that is a shadow of itself with little or no way to undo the damage done in these past three years.


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Town Launches A Survey For Service Delivery Improvements

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