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Penetanguishene Getting Rid of a Heritage Fred Lenz Mural?

Penetanguishene Getting Rid of a Heritage Fred Lenz Mural?


I just learned today that the Town of Penetanguishene is intent on getting rid of a heritage Fred Lenz mural on a heritage building. Can someone please tell me this is not true. Hospital gone, High School gone, and now an original piece of valuable memorabilia because the town doesn’t want to contribute to on going upkeep. I just wonder what is next. Maybe Dock Lunch will be asked to close.

John Morgan, Midland


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  1. If you’re speaking of the mural on the side of the store at the corner of Water & Main Street – it is NOT a Fred Lenz mural; while it is nice to look at and depicts an interesting historic scene, it is the subject of much controversy and frankly, I don’t blame the shop owner for not wanting to pay the big bucks to maintain it. It was painted several years ago by a local artist, so while it is a shame to see it covered up, it will eventually decay due to the elements anyway.

  2. I think you should take another look. Fred’s family said it is a Lenz painting. The store I referred to is the Green Block originally the A.A. Thompson store at 1 Water St. and the mural is a Lenz original I believe 1998. The painting may not be heritage as such but since Fred Lenz is no longer with us I believe it is a valuable original piece of art and should be preserved.

    1. I know exactly where it is -It may have started as such, but over the years it’s been changed; if you look closely, you’ll see Randy Promm’s name on it. It was done over years ago. It is not the original. Sadly, it really is not worth preserving; if anyone feels it is, then I’m sure the store owner would welcome sponsorship. It’s an unfair burden to him – or any other building owner for that matter. I think that, if there wasn’t such animosity between the town and the current owner – no matter who is to blame for that – this wouldn’t be as big an issue.

  3. Again, I say check your facts. It may have had a face lift but that does not detract from it being a Lenz mural. Paintings of merit all over the world including some of the most famous have had to have repair by another individual. We should remember Mr. Lenz died shortly after painting this, his last mural and if Mr. Promm had the good fortune to make repairs to this mural, I say thank you. Maybe the town or whomever should have had Mr. Lenz’s sons do the fix but I guess they may not have been asked at the time. I’m sure if asked now they would love to fix up their father’s work. http://www.waymarking.com/gallery/default.aspx?f=1&guid=e2b74c25-f06f-4b0c-a367-4948836fb66a&lat=44.770045&lon=-79.93496t=3&id=Water%20street%20and%20Main%20street%20penetang%20ontario&r=10&wst=8&kw=Fred%20Lenz%20mural&gid=2&s=69&ct=5&st=2 Check out the web site and talk to the store owner. This mural is part of the world wide collection at Waymarking and I understand living relatives of the first mayor of Penetanguishene come for a reunion at this site.

  4. I stand corrected – I forgot that this had started as a Lenz mural – and I am well aware of the Thompson family’s connection to it. It is a contentious issue and the conflicts between the store owner and the town go far beyond this mural and that’s probably part of the reason why it’s being debated. I think that, sadly, this is one mural that’s probably going to disappear as this has been going on for years now with no solution in sight. It’s his building, if the town and community aren’t going to help out with preservation efforts, he’s going to do what has to be done. It’s as much a clash of personalities as anything.

  5. This is no different than the owners of Full Line Electronics painting over the Stoneleigh motors mural years ago. Their building, their right no matter what the public at large feels. That’s the danger of painting on someone’s property I guess.

  6. Unfortunately, this is what happens to our culture and what a shame. The real problem is that it happens too often with other things as well, like hospital and school closings. Too much of what happens today, is controlled by bad management at the governance level. Spend millions on some not so essential things and skimp and waste on others which are more important. Remember next time you can mark an x on a ballot, do your homework and hold elected officials to account.

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Penetanguishene Getting Rid of a Heritage Fred Lenz Mural?

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