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Plastic Water Bottles – A Case For Change

Plastic Water Bottles – A Case For Change


I have noticed lately while shopping that cases of water in toxic water bottles are being used in abundance. Are people not aware how these bottles leach antimony which causes acute and chronic health problems? Just think about what this is doing to young children who are modelling their parents who seem to think what they are getting from the plastic toxic bottle is better than what comes from the tap. I kind of think this might come under the title ABUSE. What do you think?

John Morgan, Midland


“The longer water is stored in plastic bottles, the higher the concentration of a potentially harmful chemical, a new study suggests.

The research involved 132 brands of bottled water from 28 countries produced in containers made from polyethylene terephthalate, or PET.

Research found that the concentration of certain chemicals, such as antimony, increases the longer the water sits in the plastic bottle. It increases over time because the plastic is leaching chemicals into the water. Antimony is a white metallic element that in small doses can cause nausea, dizziness and depression. In large doses, it can be fatal. Antimony is similar chemically to lead. It is also a potentially toxic trace element.”


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  1. I’ve noticed there are bottles of water, instead of glass jug and glass tumblers, placed strategically in front of most member of the worlds politicians -see pictures taken at meetings of our local, provincial and federal politicians. Plastic water bottles are seen in nearly every picture taken, on every occasion, worldwide! This free advertising is promoting the sale of plastic bottles and is saving plastic bottle makers millions of dollars.

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Plastic Water Bottles – A Case For Change

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