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Remember Site 41 – Health Cuts Can Be Beaten

Remember Site 41 – Health Cuts Can Be Beaten


At an information meeting to justify cuts to our hospital, I found it very interesting that the head of the LHIN would mention how much money she gets. It was much like the slap in the face unleashed on the Christian Island folks back a few weeks ago , when the GBGH directors arrived in a huge multi passenger Mercedes Benz vehicle at this First Nation’s recreation centre.

No money for health care, but money to rent this bus instead of using personal vehicles. It is offensive to all of us living in North Simcoe that these neo-liberal hacks are spinning their non-sense and expecting us to swallow it.

There should be a huge effort by everyone who can, to send facebook messages, emails, phone calls (1-416-325-1941) and letters to our Premier and Minister of Health and let these two individuals know how we feel. It will jam their service and give them the message “Hands off our Hospital”. Time for the pitch-forks folks.

Remember the Site 41 battle. Success comes with direct action and maybe a few arrests to get the point across. And don’t forget the power of our Indigenous sisters and brothers from Beausoleil First Nation.

We can not let government discriminate against children, women, the elderly and Indigenous Ontarians. Nor can we accept racist policies to infiltrate how Ontario is governed. This is not what Ontario is about, now and in the future.

John Morgan


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Remember Site 41 – Health Cuts Can Be Beaten

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