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Residents Concerned About Midland Watercross Event

Residents Concerned About Midland Watercross Event


Letters To The EditorDear OurMidland.ca Editor,

We would like to provide our concerns with respect to the final decision being made for a 2 day watercross event on Little Lake. As residents along Little Lake, we believe this event causes a disruption to our daily peaceful enjoyment of the lake. We do not believe it is in the best interest for our Town or the environment. Why would we not be hosting a rowing club event, or kayaking/canoe type of event.


The foul smell of the fumes which comes from these motors. (As I walked along the park last summer during this event, the smell from these motors was disgusting. How can this be allowed? Definitely not the type of event for Little Lake, perhaps Georgian Bay where there is more water area and not so closed in.)

The extremely loud noise from the motors on the lake echoes into the Town and all around the lake. Not everyone enjoys this type of activity.

The wildlife around us is disrupted.

As well, this type of event provides newcomers to Midland and residents of Midland a false and confusing understanding of allowing all sizes of boat motors to use the lake. There is a strict bylaw which allows for up to a 9.9 HP motor to be used on the lake. We have seen boats on the lake with much larger motors than the 9.9 HP allowance and this has not been monitored. It is a huge disappointment when an exemption can be provided particularly on this small lake for such an extremely loud and foul-smelling event.

We would like to see public opinion on this type of event. Has anything been scheduled to allow for this?

We intend to provide a petition to not allow such an event. May we please be provided with a deadline as to when this petition could be submitted prior to any decision being made.

Name & contact details withheld at the request of the author

Editor’s Notes

Where do you stand on Midland hosting this event in Midland for 2016?  A short video clip has been posted below that will explain more about this event.  Feel free to weigh in on the comment section below.

Past coverage: http://www.simcoe.com/news-story/4568719-little-lake-in-midland-to-host-watercross-race/


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  1. years ago we hosted a barefoot waterskiing event and we enjoy the unobstructed view that only little lake offers lots of standing room its only a 2 day event and it will bring economic dollars to the area we are a tourist town this is a tourist event

  2. really its only 2 days out of 365!!!! more miserable people trying to take away something families can enjoy and just simply be outside get out of their houses and have fun. Maybe just maybe the people that are complaining can arrange a trip to the North in the quiet for these 2 days so they dont ruin it for others!!!!!

  3. This is such B.S , maybe educate yourself on the sport before you complain . After this event the beach and waterway is cleaner then when we arrive your welcome for that 😉 This sport bring family and friends together , money into your community (restaurants , hotels, ) , advertising for your community . The event is for two days you don’t like it check when the race is and go away for the weekend . Good luck with your petition !! we will see u in the summer

  4. Weather people like it or not snowmobiling is a large part of our community and history. We are surrounded by people of many different intersts and need to accept the fact that certain (minor) sacrifices need to be made to accommodate all types of activities in our communities. A two day event contained in little lake can easily be avoided, there are many parks in our area that you can enjoy during this event, which is no different than the town shutting down the main road for a butter tart festival making it impossible for those of us that have no interest in taking part to easily access that area of town, and instead of trying to be negative and attempt to shut down the event that brings so many people to our little town, I simply avoid it… A minor inconvenience to me.. A great thing for our community.

  5. I don’t understand how a handful of people who don’t like this event feel they need to screw it up for the hundreds that do enjoy it. As stated above its only two days out of the year! Get a life and quit bitching. Want to change something? Focus on a real problem in midland. Such as the ever growing meth issue plaguing the town.

  6. This event bring in money that midland desperately needs. Obviously written by someone who thinks they own the park when it’s a public part. People like that making decisions like that will only further drive our town into a ghost town. It’s a public park not your park. Try thinking of others instead of just yourself

  7. Everyone has the right to peace and quiet in their own home. This event is terrible for people who live close, 16+ hours of the loudest noise possible. You can’t open your windows, enjoy a meal on your patio, play outside with your kids. It would be fine if the noise wasn’t so loud and the event was shorter.

  8. Oh come on ..really my Aunt an Uncle live the closest to this event an it’s not that bad !! Put some ear plugs in an sick it up buttercup

  9. I knew nothing about this sport until my husband and I decided to go for a kayak on the lake the day it was held last year. I was so intrigued to learn what the rules were etc that we ended up joining the spectators and talking to organizers to learn more. It was so nice to see the park bustling with people from the area and people who were visiting specifically for the event. Has anyone looked at the pictures of the park from days gone by? It used to be so busy.
    Participants have to follow strict guidelines to ensure there are no fuel spills and as for the noise, we don’t live that far away and it actually was nice to know that people were enjoying the lake while brining another sport to our town. Come on people open your minds to what we have to offer.

  10. I live close to Little Lake Park and during this event, you either hide inside or leave. Why should I as a taxpayer of Midland be reduced to these 2 choices. Little Lake Park has been defined by the 9.9 hp motor by-law and the additions of volleyball courts, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, skateboard park and rowing club to be a quiet place where nature can be enjoyed. The park in the centre of town is not the place for this type of event.

  11. They seniors are the ones who vote so they get what they want… most didn’t even grow up in this area … the industry has all but dried up in this area. the small minded government shut down many events that attracted tourism like the poker run, the bars, Penetang had the best winterama for years and many other special events have been diminished or slowed. we are loosing all our young families because of lack of work … the seniors are taking all the student jobs. we are even going to take birthing rooms from our hospitals… and now you want to stop this too .. smarten up Midland

  12. Just a few tree-huggers flapping their gums. Obviously didn’t do their homework. Those 9.9hp motors they refer to leave more fluid in the water and impact the environment more harshly than these race-ready sleds that are set up exclusively to run on water. Fuel tanks are sealed units.
    Two whole days! Boo-hoo!. Get over yourselves!

  13. This is an awesome event! All who attended last year had a great time. The water was full of boats watching these guys and girls put on a show. Great sport. Great for the town of midland

  14. In order for a town like Midland to survive it must define itself. In years gone by Midland was a shipping and industrial hub, sadly those ships and factories have sailed. Now Midland must decide if it is going to be a bedroom and retirement community or a thriving tourist friendly community. In order for this to happen the residents of the town have to be brutally honest with themselves. Most bedroom and retirement communities don’t have successful downtown areas and the costs of living in one of these communities is considerably higher as there are no businesses to help off set the taxes and community infrastructure costs, so those costs are absorbed by the home owner/taxpayer.
    Events like the water cross weekend, Canada day celebrations, the motor cycle events, the butter tart festival, etc. all bring attention to Midland and bring in people who spend money in town. Not everyone is going to be excited by these events, but they are completely necessary. Midland should be hosting some type of event every weekend to draw tourist to this slowly dying town.
    If a petition to put a stop to such an event is going to be circulated, are the several thousands of seasonal residence going to be contacted to sign as they have rights as tax payers too? The town of Midland has amazing potential for tourism events, located on Georgian Bay with a small fresh water lake and park in the middle of town, yet it is not utilizing these features to their fullest potential. Midland is a destination town, not a pass thru town on the way to somewhere else. Everyone who lives or owns a business in Midland needs to really look at that fact. Everyone should be doing everything they can to attract new business to the town, not complaining . I wonder if the people who are complaining about this event, will be the first to complain about a substantial tax hike when there is no business left in Midland.

  15. Obviously I am for the event. However I ask all those who are against the event. What do YOU bring to the town of midland? How do YOU help the town bring in revenue? How are YOU involved in the towns activities? Outside of your daily expenses, how much money do YOU spend in the town of midland?
    My answers.
    -I bring families together and keep kids entertained and off the street. Also I bring a multiple tv shows showcasing Midland.
    -I bring spectators and racers from abroad who stay, fuel, and eat in Midland.
    -I support and am on committee for the winter fest activities.
    -I purchase 2 hotel rooms 3 nights 4 times a year.( my family lives in midland). I purchase all my food, fuel, drink locally. And purchase parts from factory recreation..

    I do appreciate your concerns about my event, but please do all home work before assuming. As far as environmental issues. Do YOU carpool and how long does your vehicle idle?

  16. This started out as a one day event and I recall many people were against it, myself included. My opposition was based on concern about the water and air polution. I attended the event during the first year. As I walked down hill towards the water I first got hit by the noise, which was excruciating, and then came the fumes; I couldn’t leave fast enough to escape the stench and the noise.
    A rwo day event is basically Double Trouble; if one day was bad, I’d hate to think what two would be..
    I recall that before this event was approved by Council there was an environmental report that had to be done to make sure the activities did not have a negative impact on the water quality of Little Lake. If this will be now a 2 day event, surely we need to update the environmental report to reflect this. Also, we need to keep in mind that nobody checked to find out how much pollution was dumoed into the atmosphere from the exhausts of the machines.
    I would love Midland to host events every day, if that were possible, but would not support one that would add to our carbon footprint.

    1. Zena,
      Do you support the Fire Works display on Canada Day? Do you support the Butter Tart Festival? Do you Support the Rec Center or the Cultural Center? Do You agree that Canoes or Kyaks should be allowed to be brought into little lake on the top of a car? I could ask hundreds of more questions like these, The Fire Works set off at little lake have a huge environmental impact, the chemicals used to fire them off and make them pretty colours are all very toxic, and all end up as sediment on the bottom of little lake. I can only imagine the amount of energy consumed to make 10,000 plus butter tarts. What about the amount of chemicals, materials, vehicle emissions, ect used to build buildings like the cultural center or the rec center. What about the canoe transported to the park and then put into little lake, covered in invisible residue from our not so clean roads, while it might not seem like a lot, it adds up everytime it happens
      I hope you are also dead set against all of the environmental impacts caused by the above mentioned questions. If you have or do support any of these events then you are really no worse than green peace boycotting oil tankers using boats made from oil by products, the very product they are boycotting. It is unfortunate but if you live in a house, breath the air, cook food, drive a car, wear clothes, ect you are leaving a huge carbon footprint personally.
      I am not pro water cross. I just don’t like when people use the environment as the go to excuse for everything lately, when we are all guilty of destroying our planet so we can live better.
      A little side note: if anyone has done their homework on these water cross machines and the strict emission regulations they are governed by, and then understood the automotive emission regulations, you would know that the 2 day event in Midland would impact the environment less than someone warming up their car for 5 min a day and then driving it across midland once a day for a week, Now I wonder what the impact of the 5,00 or so cars in midland doing that everyday is?

      Now the only reason I can see that, after doing some investigating and gaining some insight on the factual environmental impacts and carbon footprints left by this event, you just don’t like the noise or the smell.

      And to that I say just don’t attend it then.

  17. The environmental water impact is not a concern. The noise is loud. The reason for the loud noise is that race fuel is burnt in the engine and the exhaust fumes are exited through a tuned pipe and silencer. Thus burning 92% of emmisions. That is the reason for the loudness of machines. Your automobile only burns 74% emmisions. Please do research before moving forward too fast. For direct info
    [email protected]

  18. If you don’t like it then go away for the weekend. Not everybody enjoys the same events.
    Also how come all other letters have to have a name Ibefore you will publish in the “letter to the editor”

    1. We will honour a request not to publish a submitter’s name/email but it has to be provided to us initially so we can review the issues (when required) with the submitter. In this case, if there is petition started by the author, their name(s) will become public. We will publish letters received “unedited” to engage the community – which this one surely has. Great input by all so far and we have only had to edit a couple responses for some expletives that did not meet our publishing guidelines.

  19. If You cant spare 2 days out of your life to allow the younger gen to get there steam out im sorry but your plan selfish. .. an whats the difference if we were to go to the bay there is more residents there then little lake .. plus would cost thousands to have a scooba team there to retreave the ski doos from 50 plus feet down .. there is no rowing contest because of the geese being a little lake resident you should know they avise you to stay out of the water .. as for the smell an noise again its 2 days out of your life that your to selfish to allow a small event happen .. thats like saying cancel the Christmas perade because the smell of the big trucks an floats an the noise from the horns an sirens .. if you protest this there is literally no where else that this could be held cause waters are to deep so plz take in consideration of all the families who came together an invested in this sport an have made a closer bond because of it !

  20. Why waste your time with a petition that is going to have 10 names on it whoever this is needs to dry up and get over it the lake isnt being used enough as it is if they want canoe/kayak events organize it!!!

  21. Not surprised the author has had the name withheld….All them little burning bags of poo on the front porch, y’know.
    There are Grinches around every bit of fun. I’m one myself, so I know it to be true. I sail, and will be starting a petition to ban all canoes and rowers off my lake…they are so dang slow, they don’t get out of my way…And they are really sneaky too, all that quiet sneaking around. A hazard I say !!! I don’t see this getting much speed. Town needs it’s events, and this is a fun one.

  22. council clealy thought it was good enough event to host for the 3rd yr in a row. for who ever is concerned about polution or noise maybe you should think about the thousands of gallons getting burnt into g bay every single day of the summer. you people are just haters no matter what others our into . you probably hate the fact there is a skate park to which brings in kid s that wear funny clothes and have weird hair. everyone has an opinion on the way things are done and ran you have yours others have theres clearly if every one had the same opinion there would not be elections and reasons to vote. sorry that your the 5 percent that hates everything that your not into. the future isnt you sorry to say. midland isnt about you haters anymore its about the younger TAX payers that will keep midland founded and if this is what they want than let it be. 2 days a yr boo who we deal with you All yr

  23. And why should I deal with on lane of my road being shut down once a year so people can do a triathlon?? I pay taxes just as the person above said. I am out on Midland point buy the way.Well I don’t complain because that’s there passion and I support that!! I hear boats going by all summer and sleds in the winter. That is why I moved here. Don’t like the sweet sounds of the north…..feel free and move to Toronto where you can here buses and taxi’s 24/7

  24. Good god people… it’s tourism. Isn’t that the new focus? You can’t have it both ways. Either you want to be a destination for visitors with money to spend or you don’t. You should be hanging “for rent” signs on all the town properties and start making the town a destination. Clean up the Mitsubishi park and get camping going on again. Encourage more events, help subsidize new ones and get the tourism flowing.

    Dump that crooked developer and his invisible chinese backers with no cash and even less interest and rebid the waterfront again… walk away from that deal.. how much more do you need to see that you screwed it up with that scammer. Start over and get it right. Develop for the tourists. Build a vibrant accessible waterfront.

    Stop whining about the little stuff. You sound like that neighbouring township that makes visitors park 5kms away from the beaches hoping they simply just don’t come anymore… worked for me and most of my friends… the huge township with the tiny heart.

    Midland has so much potential and trying to kill these little events as you struggle to survive is completely ludicrous.

  25. Just watched the video and seen and done it live from what I’ve seen the wild life there scaring away (geese) it’s about time maybe should have this every week end and as far as poulting the lake this is the best thing for it stir the water up and get it moveing all sorts of wild life need move water not stagnet goose turd beaches and as far as the fumes go you ever cut your lawen gess what your lawen mower dose and the nose no diffrent than a harly Davidson going buy should we band those as well we all pay taxes why can’t we do the first thing that teach you in kinder garden to share get along and team work but I gess some people can’t have that it’s not there way

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Residents Concerned About Midland Watercross Event

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