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Selling MPUC – Short Term Gain – Long Term Pain

Selling MPUC – Short Term Gain – Long Term Pain


Just learned that tenders have gone out to sell off our public asset, PUC. What a shame that the neo-liberal minded people in this town want to follow, like sheep, the Chiarelli, Liberal government, urgings. It is like our water being sold to Nestle for a song, Like other resources going to multi nationals that do not pay their fair share in taxes ie aggregate on French’s Hill. What a shame, but because we are all so complacent, every good thing we have had is being eroded. The corporate coup is complete and greed has become the norm. What a shame!!!

Will our children and grand children thank us some day. I think not. Short term gain will create long-term pain. History has told us this for years and years and more years but the leadership and people fall into this trap over and over again. I believe now that our Prime Minister, Premier and their corporate buddies have their way and municipal elected officials follow suit, the future looks pretty sketchy.

Maybe we have to look at what is happening in North Dakota and take a stand against this kind of mindless governance and stand up for what is right.

John Morgan, Midland


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  1. I don’t get it. To me these utilities are a source of income for municipalities. They get sold off and what happens to the money? It seems to disappear. The town of Penetanguishene sold our power utility years ago. What happened to the money? I have seen no reduction in taxes nor any noticeable improvement to what was already a good place to live before the sale. The quality of our hydro service hasn’t improved either. We became part of a larger corporation. When are we going to learn that bigger isn’t always better !!!

    1. It’s an easy to read propaganda piece pushing the disgraced energy minister’s vision for hydro in Ontario. Read the auditor general report on that. It’s not as pretty a read and you only have read the news to see what hydro divestment is doing to our Province businesses and homeowners.

    2. As energy conservation continues to grow in Ontario and LDC’s are forced to meet new targets – How does that effect Midland PUC in the long-term? They make money from selling electricity.. as the demand goes down in the long-term, how does that effect profits? I’m not FOR selling to hydro1.. there are other options, partnerships.

    3. it reads to me Ontario want you to cash in so they can support you Midland($) less there will be no benefit for us long term bigger is better When is that going to happen fire 10 people at savings of 1 mil and hire 1 new for 2 mil this and buyers wants return on investment probl more than the 600000 the Town gets now

  2. Here are some questions every person should ask their councillors, as well as find out for themselves, before they get all twisted about this:

    1. What is an RFP?
    2. What are the long-term infrastructure needs for MPUC? Will there need to be 200 poles replaced like in Penetang a few years back? Are all the supply lines in good enough shape to last another 50 years? Is upgrading systems going to cost money, and who is paying for it?
    3. What will the town do with the money they receive from the sale? Will they be able to put it aside (as in ‘Do Not Touch’) and still create the same revenue stream they had before the sale?
    4. With all the new energy savings products (and alternative energy sources), is a public hydro utility at its peak valuation now? In 25 years will there be more people ‘off the grid’ and not paying into a utility?
    5. Does a small utility have the manpower and resources to find other revenue streams to pick up for lower usage?

    There are a lot more things involved in selling something, and it won’t be given to the first person to offer it.

    This isn’t the last we have heard of this, and it will be a long process.

    Keep up the conversation and ask questions. Let’s make this something that we can all benefit from.

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Selling MPUC – Short Term Gain – Long Term Pain

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