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Is Simcoe County Council Broken?

Is Simcoe County Council Broken?


The saga of Simcoe County vs. AWARE Simcoe continues. Costs for a court case over a Judicial Review and an Injunction to allow for this review assessment, asked for by a group of concerned citizens, continues.

AWARE Simcoe and the concerned citizens followed due process in a proper way as suggested by the previous clerk of the County. All they really wanted to do was make sure a developer did not continue to break the law by continuing to cut down endangered Butternut trees, denude a valuable forest area and continue hiding the evidence. Reasonable you say but a judge didn’t think so. So the County got away with not following its own procedural process and the developer could continue cutting. Oh yes, and the judge thought it would be a good thing to have an NGO with no money pay for this whole mess.

Last Tuesday County Council or a majority of the councilors voted to get their pound of flesh from AWARE but once again there was a hitch. One of the council members spoke to and voted on this issue but was very likely in conflict and did not declare. Interesting you say. Well is the governance of the County broken.

I leave you the reader to decide. Our Warden doesn’t think so.


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  1. Yes, it is broken. Decisions such as this one discourage residents and groups from participating in the decision making process.
    If County Council can’t see this, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Just as we just seen with edge hill the little guys just can’t afford to speak up anymore it comes down to dollers and greed and us little guys can’t afford to play ball to bad there wasent a thing called fair practice and standing up for the people anymore they are definitly broken

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Is Simcoe County Council Broken?

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