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Storms & Road Closures In New Health Care Model For GBGH

Storms & Road Closures In New Health Care Model For GBGH


It is worthy noting the weather the past two days and then thinking about the possibility of on going cuts to essential medical services at our once wonderful General Hospital. There is a child, soon to be new mother or elderly person out there in the hinterland of North Simcoe needing assistance. There is a call to 911 and an ambulance is dispatched. No service in Georgian Bay General Hospital in Midland, the hospital that is no longer General, so off to Barrie or Orillia it has to go; but oh no, the roads are impassable.

Now I reflect on an even bigger discriminatory situation. The child, mother or elder is coming from our Indigenous population on an island to the north; Christian Island. Their ferry struggles through the storm only to know that the next part of their emergency trip requires traveling again to Barrie or Orillia. Sorry, the roads near Wyevale or Coldwater or both are closed.

Is this gross discrimination of children, women both on the mainland and from BFN justified because the Government, the government appointed middle management LHINS and the Administration/directors of the local hospital say there is no money and cuts had to be made and you have to go farther for service.

When life or death are in the balance for children, women or our Indigenous sisters and brothers, what is proposed for Georgian Bay General Hospital is not justified because of economics. The money can be there if the government was managing its affairs better. Their incompetence should not be a penalty imposed on the most vulnerable in our rural community.

John Morgan, Midland


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Storms & Road Closures In New Health Care Model For GBGH

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