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Taxpayers Could Sue Midland Council Over MPUC Sale

Taxpayers Could Sue Midland Council Over MPUC Sale


It was interesting reading an article in a Toronto newspaper talking about Premier Wynne, Minister Sousa and Minister Chiarelli facing a court challenge and law suit over selling Hydro One without a mandate to do so. Is this something that should be looked at with regard to Midland Town council thinking about selling our PUC, a public asset?

Did this council have a mandate to entertain selling our public asset? I attended all candidates meetings for the most recent municipal election and I do not remember this topic being mentioned. This is a reality pushed by Minister Chiarelli across our province, when he was energy Minister for this province. At the time, he was urging municipalities to sell off something the citizens own, namely local PUC’s and using fear tactics to do so.

Now, he is being questioned and taken to court for his part in selling off a provincial public asset.

Interesting and a bit fishy don’t you think? Maybe Midland Council should take a sober second look at this before sending out tenders.

J. Morgan, Midland

More: The Canadian Union of Public Employees has filed a lawsuit against the Ontario government for misfeasance in public office

More: http://www.cp24.com/news/cupe-officially-files-lawsuit-against-wynne-over-sale-of-hydro-one-1.3192925

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Perhaps an injunction to prevent any sale or merger should be sought by the local ratepayers to stop Midland from proceeding pending the outcome of the HydroOne lawsuit?  Midland will spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars just getting the MPUC on the market and has committee to that process.


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Taxpayers Could Sue Midland Council Over MPUC Sale

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