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The Town of Midland has a real problem regarding criminal activity

The Town of Midland has a real problem regarding criminal activity


The Town of Midland has a real problem regarding the criminal activity that’s been allowed to fester at the Midland Public Library and the outdoor space beyond its doors. By this, I mean the liability to the Town of Midland, the Mayor, Council, Law Enforcement and the Library Board, regarding the health and safety of the children and minors who frequent that property.

In this regard, I find all of the above parties to be negligent in dealing with this pressing issue and wonder, in comparison, how the same criminal code violations would be dealt with if they were to occur at any one of our local schools. Unfortunately, that is what we are dealing with here, make no mistake about it. The Midland Public Library is equivalent to any elementary or high school in this Province, with its high volume of young people entering that facility and using its accessible resources.

Do you really think that drug dealing and prostitution/human trafficking would even be allowed to enter and persist in any of these institutions, with so many vulnerable young people at their disposal. How long do you think School Boards would give free reign to drug traffickers stashing drugs in the backs of toilets and collecting cash above ceiling tiles, in the washrooms of Grade Six students? Would prostitution be allowed to coexist in school libraries in the presence of Grade One students? How would School Boards feel about prostitution/human traffickers being given unparalleled access to school computer systems in their libraries; with no IT computer/camera surveillance and follow up, from in this case, Town Hall and the Police Service Board?

The failure of the Mayor, Council, Law Enforcement and the Library Board to provide due diligence in protecting the health and welfare of our children and youth, has unfortunately left the Town of Midland wide open to possible legal action; even if only one hair is harmed on the head of any child entering that facility. The failure to recognize and act upon evidence that these activities currently exist, is a problem that needs immediate proactive attention; not excuses, buck passing and long drawn out consultation processes.

This is not a new problem. It has been going on for far too long and it’s time to clean it up. The visitors and employees of the Midland Public Library need the protection of Provincial policy, as it relates to health and safety, to be followed and swiftly acted upon when concerns are raised. This is necessary in order to create a safe recreational and work environment for all.

Sincerely, Mary Jane Morgan


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  1. Has there ever been a child harmed there? I go there with my children and have never felt unsafe, but I have also never seen the activity spoken of either. No matter where you go activity like this takes place, is there really a need for an increase in security?

  2. How can there be a focus on criminal activity when town council member, and candidate for Mayor Strathearn’s wife is a convicted felon. Joan Strathearn aka Blackwell was convicted of over a dozen counts of fraud, sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison and under restoration order has not repaid one nickel of the over $2 million she stole. So we have a guy running for Mayor of Midland who’s wife is a liar, thief, professional con artist and rotten to the core. Just great! Only in Midland (EDITOR NOTE: NORMALLY THIS COMMENT WOULD BE MODERATED BUT THE SUBMITTER’S ALLEGATIONS ARE TRUE AND THIS BECOMES FAIR COMMENT)

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The Town of Midland has a real problem regarding criminal activity

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