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Vital Signs Report Fails To Address Root Of Problem

Vital Signs Report Fails To Address Root Of Problem


I was pleased to see the article in the Simcoe.com news release regarding the Vital Signs report. It brings attention to a number of critical issues which exist in society today. Unfortunately, like too many on going problems facing society, it fails to get to the real root of the problem. A few decades ago large corporations, banks and the few families that have far more wealth than they really need were taxed accordingly. Somewhere around 28, 30 and more % and our needs were reasonably well financed.

The age of austerity, unfortunately, crept into the picture and this wealth that existed and was paying a share proportional to the rest of us was abandoned. All of the infrastructure that had been put in place by progressive governments, began to erode.

Health Care, education and those very issues now being high-lighted by the article referred to, were starved for the financial means to support what was needed. Greed and profit margins took over. With this in mind, and knowing the wealthy control most of what goes on in government today through lobbying; the corporate coup is complete. According to individuals like Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky and two very astute ladies, namely Naomi Klein and Linda McQuaig, we are faced with the many reports, like the Vital Signs, to tell us what is wrong but no real fix. Lots of meetings, lots of discussion, lots of suggestions, lots of tax payer money spent on consultants but that is all that exists.

Poverty issues, mental health issues and so many more should be attended to but ten years from now the same discussions etc. will go on. Case in point: Back in 2009, the government, at a Public Accounts hearing at Queen’s Park said that nothing had really worked to help children with learning disabilities.

In 2016, we are faced with the same dilemma. Huge amounts of money spent on failed programs and 28% of the school population is still struggling with this problem. Just go to Hansard or check out the Government web sites to verify this. Positive change has to happen and we don’t need more “here is the need but we won’t do anything to effectively to correct it”.

John Morgan, Midland


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Vital Signs Report Fails To Address Root Of Problem

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