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Midland Municipal Council 2015

You can contact each councillor individually or, we are told that you can reach them all simultaneously by using [email protected]

Click a councillor’s email address to send them a message.  We encourage you to reach out and make yourself heard to your councillors, deputy mayor and mayor about issues that matter to you.  We won’t send the information on your behalf for fear that they will simply block email from ourmidland.ca and your valuable message won’t get through.

Position Name E-Mail Address
Mayor Gordon McKay [email protected]
Deputy Mayor Mike Ross [email protected]
Ward 1 Councilors​
Jonathan Main [email protected]
Patricia File [email protected]
George MacDonald [email protected]
Ward 2 Councilors Cody Oschefski [email protected]
Glen Canning [email protected]
Jack Contin [email protected]
Ward 3 Councilor​ (includes Ward 4) Stewart Strathearn [email protected]
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