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Illegal Dumping Of Trash – What Can Be Done?

Illegal Dumping Of Trash – What Can Be Done?


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After reading online about a Mississauga couple who were charged with dumping trash illegally, and then another article on Simcoe.com about the same issue in Adjala-Tosorontio, the local problem sprang to mind again.

Midland, and the surrounding communities, have this very same problem of illegal dumping.  We’ve read online that police cannot simply charge people who’s names are found in the garbage and need to catch them in the act of dumping.

In the article Adjala-Tosorontio deputy mayor Doug Little said “he’s fed up with people illegally dumping their trash on the side roads of his township. It’s disgusting, and it’s definitely happening more often.

His latest discovery happened over the Easter long weekend on the dead end of 5 Sideroad at the 2nd Concession, just north of Highway 89 near Rosemont.

Little peered into the heap to see if he could find anything that could help identify the culprit, and sure enough he discovered a gas receipt from an Alliston gas station.

He grabbed the receipt and spoke with an officer from the local police detachment.

“I figured they should have been able to use it, because it shows the time and date the gas was bought, and even the card number they used to pay for it,” he said.

Despite the discovery of the receipt, Nottawasaga O.P.P Const. Lisa Cruz said the detachment was unable to determine who left the trash in the ditch

“We can’t always determine who is responsible, but there are times when we do,” she said.”

The detachment recently charged a Mississauga couple under the Highway Traffic Act and Environment Protect Act after several bags of garbage were dumped April 13 on 30th Sideroad, near the township administration office.

So how did the police charge the couple in this story?  Someone saw it happening, made note of the licence plate and other details and provided it to the police. Maybe we can learn from them and help our local O.P.P and Midland Police or bylaw officers to prosecute the people in and around our community who dump waste on the side of the road or on private property rather than simply putting their garbage on the curb weekly or paying to take it to the transfer station?

Photo: John Todd’s Huronia Past & Present facebook group
Sources: https://www.simcoe.com/news-story/7272991-adjala-tosorontio-deputy-mayor-fed-up-with-illegal-dumping-problem/




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Illegal Dumping Of Trash – What Can Be Done?

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