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Councillor File Takes CAO To Task Over Unsanctioned Legal Action


Councillor File questions CAO John Skorobohacz about his unauthorized legal action that he brought against local political news site OurMidland.ca after the site published an editorial commenting on why the CAO’s $180,000 yearly salary (and others) were missing from the 2017 Sunshine List… the observations were backed up with facts and evidence supporting that observation (his employment contract and the sunshine list link) and his reaction was to try to sue and intimidate the site into taking down this revelation. Apparently he did this on his own without any direction from his employers.

In relation to the offensive article at issue here, the town argues that as a contractor, his salary is not subject to disclosure.  He gets $180k of Midland tax money as his salary, and other benefits.  If we are his only contract, meaning he is not also a CAO for other municipalities, he would become an employee in the eyes of the Canada Revenue Agency.  Someone may want to look into this further.

A quick review of the definitions of both a contractor and employee for Ontario, shows that the CAO may not have the protection and isolations afforded to contractors.  The Town may want to look into their liability for playing games with Revenue Canada and reporting requirements for the Sunshine List and Mr. Skorobohacz may want to discuss his position with a tax accountant.  In our experience the CRA does not have any sense of humour when it comes to these matters and matters like employee health taxes and other funds that may or may not be submitted by the Town of Midland.


We notice that the CIP (Council Information Package) has been edited on the Town’s website since Councillor File’s point was raised. The town had actually republished the very material that they took offence to.


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Councillor File Takes CAO To Task Over Unsanctioned Legal Action

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