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Councillor Strathearn Revisits Proposed Park For Ward 3

Councillor Strathearn Revisits Proposed Park For Ward 3


strathearnWith the deferral of his last attempt at convincing Council to buy land to build another park in his Sunnyside Ward 3 coming only a week after he helped pave the way for the rezoning of Edghill Park into commercial property for the proposed health hub, he has been silently waiting for enough time to pass to bring the proposal before Council again.  It seems that tonight was the night.

Under “general business”, he again asked Council when staff would be directed to perform the feasibility study and cost estimates to buy the land and equip a park in Sunnyside.  Already home to beachfront parks the addition of this park (even if it was not going to cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars) still rubs salt into the wounds of the thousands of local residents who’s failed and ignored petition of both Town and County Councils called on the preservation of the last waterfront facing parkland in Midland.

All councillors other than Main, Contin and File voted in favour of rezoning the park and rebuffed resident petitions by citing that Midland already had more than its fair share of green space and a “surplus” of parkland.

This last phrase came from Streathearn’s own lips.  Councillor File helped to defer this insulting motion to create new parkland only days after declaring the “surplus” as justification to give away Edgehill, and scolded Streathearn for bringing it to Council so soon after the decision.  Furthermore, no “feasibility study” was ever provided for Edgehill Park, nor any mention of adding playground structures.

It seems that the plan to divest taxpayers and future generations of waterfront parkland was set into motion well in advance as Councillor (former Mayor) MacDonald’s pet project after being a longtime board member and advocate for a new home for Chigamik/Waypoint on the “Promised Land”.

It seems that Councillor Strathearn figures that enough time has passed that he can slide “his park” back onto the agenda and get Council behind this new bid for a park in his neighbourhood.

Even our members in Ward 3 see this as a hypocritical move by their Councillor.  While they would love another park in the ward, many signed the petition to urge Council to keep parkland in the hands of the community.  Now they are faced with tax increases brought on by the prospect of buying land and turning it into a park and the betrayal of being told that Midland had too many parks as justification for the Edgehill decision by most of Council including Streathearn.  The irony is that Streathearn is a founding father of the tax cutting group MidlandCommunity.ca which has been critical of council decisions that see taxes spent on anything but minimums…

Council did not commit to a timeframe to revisit this but nor did they say no… we will have to watch and listen very carefully to see when this comes up on the agenda again.  This group formed around Council’s decision to ignore the petition and this founding issue is not one we will soon forget.

Here is some local reporting on the issue when he first raised it: http://www.simcoe.com/news-story/5469256-new-park-on-radar-for-sunnyside-area-in-midland/


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  1. We can’t have too many parks in one discussion -and give away parkland – only to turn around and try and create a new park.
    Also, this is coming from the one councillor, Strathearn, who preaches the most about fiscal responsibolity…
    Which way is it, really???
    Enough already.

  2. Within a kilometre of the proposed park, how many children r living in that neighbourhood ? 20?
    Within this same kilometre residents of sunny side have two waterfront parks.
    Both with play ground equipment.
    Ward 2 Cody Oschefski has no waterfront access for swimming.although you could pretend to swim in the drainage ditch at veterans park on Aberdeen Blvd.
    Or view the water through the scrub trees on the shore. Lol
    As for edge hill park,
    Council was bluffed that timing was critical. One year later they have not advanced to develop our park for the mental health hub.
    As a community we need to go back to council and tell waypoint to shit or get off the pot.
    Council needs to terminate this deal if no progress to move forward.
    Give them 6 months to pay development charges and get permit or pull the approval.
    This should not be left on the books.

  3. “The nearest parks – Gawley Park near Midland Point Road and Pete Pettersen Park on Marina Park Avenue – require a long walk that includes crossing a busy road, read the report. ” Also there are more then 20 kids in sunnyside.

  4. He probably wants to do this in his one and only term he is likely to get on Midland council!Let me guess he already has a name for it, most likely his own! Wish he would get on the same page as residents snd start addressing true needs and concerns of Midlanders!

  5. We’ve been advised to look very closely at those connected to the lands in question… the lands that Midland Council would “purchase” to make a new park… there may be some cronyism and back-scratching and when the list of lands is made public we will look into what Council will likely ignore…

  6. Our mayor has access to pristine water front. Not the generations of the people who worked those shores when they were industrialized . Midlanders build the town and then corruption gives it away and locks us out. How is that fair in any sort of way..

  7. I wonder who owns the land they would have to purchase for the new park and playground,this kind of reminds me of the new water storage facility they built on sundowner road on top of the hill I wonder who owned that nice chunk of property that the town had to purchase it’s easy to figure out

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Councillor Strathearn Revisits Proposed Park For Ward 3

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