Home Announcements Curious Midlander Vol 8 – What Will Next Council Look Like
Curious Midlander Vol 8 – What Will Next Council Look Like

Curious Midlander Vol 8 – What Will Next Council Look Like


With the nomination deadline fast approaching for the 2018 Municipal elections, we are curious to see who has submitted their nominations and why there are very few Midlanders who have declared their intentions to seek election to Midland Council.

As of July 13, there is only one nomination each for Mayor and Deputy Mayor, one nomination for Ward 3 Councilor and two nominations each for Ward 1 and Ward 2 Councilors. Running for Municipal Council is a truly thankless job, with very little pay, numerous (and lengthy meetings) that involves a significant time commitment. That being said, a Municipality needs to have a strong, diverse Council in order to manage the Town and set policy to guide staff in the performance of their duties.

Only four members of the current Council have declared their intention to seek another term. Perhaps that is a good thing which may indicate the current members of Council have come to understand the numerous decisions that have haunted their term in office, such as selling parkland, terminations of other municipal staff, selling the MPUC, disbanding the Midland Police Service, cost over runs in many projects, a huge turnover in staff , to name only a few.

Perhaps the only way to get Midland back on the right track is to elect a full slate of new members of Council who will take on this vital work and who will not be unduly influenced by a certain community organization. We are curious to find out who submits their nomination papers before the deadline and what their election platform will involve. Time is running out for Midlanders to step up to the plate and submit their nomination papers…..

Our only other curiosity involves the Human Resources Committee. This committee has reported 37 recruitments to date, which seems rather high for a municipality like Midland. How many of these recruitments are replacements for staff who have left/retired/been terminated and how many of these recruitments represent newly created positions?

We are curious of these numbers since Council has been operating under a policy of no new hires (which apparently has not been followed). The HR committee is also proposing an employee recognition policy that includes (among other initiatives) a two hour shut down of Municipal operations.

We are curious why this is needed since the various Department Heads and Managers should be recognizing and thanking their staff on a daily basis for the excellent job the front line staff do for our community.


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Curious Midlander Vol 8 – What Will Next Council Look Like

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