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Distractions And Shiny Objects Keep Some Voters Pacified

Distractions And Shiny Objects Keep Some Voters Pacified


Distractions, shiny objects, fun but otherwise unimportant achievements by our Council takes the heat off them for the real business that is happening right under many voter’s noses.

We did some informal polling of the community over the past four weeks.

Many don’t know that Council is seriously committed to getting rid of local policing and has already set aside $75k to look into the OPP quote that should arrive any day.

Many more had no idea how much the MPUC makes us in profits and that Council has voted to sell it and it’s on the market now.

Most had no idea that the fire department was under review (the report from the new shared fire chief is now VERY late) for major changes, one of which is rumoured to be paying off our full time firefighters (maybe that is what the MPUC money is for) and going all volunteer like Penetanguishene despite our communities differences.

Lastly, many had no idea that Edgehill Park had actually been rezoned and was no set to be given to the new health hub (of which we have heard nothing lately)

Now Council is eyeing leases to longstanding community organizations, pondering land by Little Lake Park and many more contentious issues… but many are unaware… happily lulled into a sense of satisfaction by some events which are being put on by councillors…

Maybe the community needs to pay more attention to the real issues about to be decided that are impossible to undo once done like… Squirrel!


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Distractions And Shiny Objects Keep Some Voters Pacified

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