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Edgehill Park Trees Cut Down Despite Mayor’s Assurances


Disappointed residents around Edgehill Park have expressed further betrayal by Midland Council in the breach of the Mayor’s assurances that the old growth maple trees would remain on the site of the new health hub.  The chain link fence went up and the trees came down and without any explanation to local residents who have watched their parkland seized and given away to publicly-funded provincial entities who were promised that land before the last election.

The park decision was contentious and caused the largest ever petition which was ignored by the majority of Midland Council soon after their election – and was the founding cause of this group.  One of our contributors forwarded the video above as a sign of collective displeasure with what is seen as one of a chain of bad decisions, lies or deception by Mayor Gordon McKay and much of council this term on a wide variety of issues that began with the giving away / rezoning of waterfront facing parkland and a series of failures since then.

The video first appeared on social media this morning.  An election is only 10 months away and we suspect more reminders of this council’s failures (as a whole) will follow as the campaigning begins around May 2018 for the October election.

This was predicted several years ago in political satire that was circulated online during the petition in the form of two images depicting the parkland rezoning champions, Mayor Gordon McKay and Deputy Mayor Mike Ross.  Councillor and former mayor George MacDonald was a long-time executive on the Chigamik (a beneficiary of the land deal) board of directors and was also highly instrumental in the passing of the rezoning bylaw.

In case you are “new” to this topic, take a few minutes to read the news coverage about this issue from sources other than OurMidland.ca…  https://www.simcoe.com/simcoecounty-topics/5933883-edgehill-park/


If you are on Facebook, you can see the comments and discussion that ensued about this video and the topic.




  1. Get a grip People, did anyone actually see the state of those trees. trunks were absolutely hollow and rotten. Trees don’t live forever!

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Edgehill Park Trees Cut Down Despite Mayor’s Assurances

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