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In Camera Meetings Still Troubling For Midland

In Camera Meetings Still Troubling For Midland


What’s with so many in-camera meetings at town hall and police service board meetings? One has served on both council and police board light years ago but honestly can’t recall secret meeting out numbering general ones.  Negotiating land purchases and personnel matters normally qualify for behind door sessions.

However holding a meeting at the drop of the hat so members could avoid returning to town hall later, is hardly an excuse for a “quickie” sans general public and media. As Midland’s first ever police board chairman who was paid $1 more per meeting that others whose  stipend was $25 , one can count on probably one hand the times we went in camera….we did certainly when interviewing Chief Larry Hembruff’s replacement after he accepted the chief’s position in Haldiman Norfolk.

Often candidates who run for office insist on transparency and open government by and for the people. The something always changes, always. Ontario’s former Ombudsman was concerned about the number of in-camera meetings conducted by boards and councils across the province. We are certain his replacement will tackle this seemingly disregard of fair play, if one can characterize it as such. Freedom of information requests may have to be applied for at town hall to determine if these private meetings  have either been just  convenient so as to avoid the media or valid or if any undisclosed  funds were approved/spent.

Do taxpayers have the right the right to know?  You know the answer, don’t you?


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In Camera Meetings Still Troubling For Midland

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