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MidlandCommunity.ca “Called Out” By Councillors


After reading a prepared statement to Council during the open mic deputation session of the public discussions around the proposed 3.1% 2017 budget increase, Mr Steven Saltsman took some heat from Councillors George MacDonald and Pat File over their past berating of Council and Councillors.

Mr Saltsman, in a break from the lock-step rhetoric, when asked how the group that has been so critical of human resources at the town could support the addition of a new executive assistant role that many Councillors feel is unwarranted,  surprised everyone with the admission, likely not sanctioned by his group,  says that “I don’t believe that any of us in MidlandCommunity.ca are in a position to pass judgement on the internal requirements of the administration”.  The irony is nothing could be further from the truth if the recent past is any indicator.

Saltsman goes on to sheepishly admit that the group will “defer to those who are more in the know than us” and that it is “easy to be an armchair quarterback and criticize from a distance”.  Could this really be the thoughts of MidlandCommunity.ca?  Are they having a change of heart?  Perhaps under the leadership of Mr Saltsman we will see a new community group with a far more conciliatory tone.  It will be interesting to follow his words in the coming days to see if he simply went off-script and started to make sense or if he will be admonished for this and brought back in line with the tax-cuts at all costs agendas we’ve all seen and heard for the past five years from the group who’ve we renamed MidlandCutMunity.ca.  Time will tell.

Watch the full video to learn more about the passionate deputations by others in the community, reminding council that the town’s committees and funding to groups like the senior’s council and youth initiatives are part of the democracy of providing services to the community and although they cannot be easily costed on a balance sheet, often return far more than invested.

It is pretty safe to say that neither of these two councillors will be part of MidlandCommunity.ca’s “dream team” for Midland in 2018.  You read it here first.

Watch the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyxVSg8uwq0



  1. I don’t think Roy and the others expected him to do or say anything that was not on the script… he had to go it alone and shoot from the hip. It must have been very uncomfortable.

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MidlandCommunity.ca “Called Out” By Councillors

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