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Midland’s Shadow Cabinet Exposed By Stephan Kramp


This video clip (click the image above) from a 2014 Council meeting offers a chilling and sobering account of how MidlandCommunity.ca and Roy Ellis had established a “shadow cabinet” to influence Council – that continues today. Thank you to the original Mr.Midland, Stephan Kramp for your courage in exposing them publicly. It pre-dates live streaming, so much of Midland has no idea just how much influence this unelected group had and continues to exert on our politicians. Watch and listen to this short clip and draw your own conclusions. RIP and thank you Stephan.

We’ve been sounding this alarm for years without any firm way to counter the denials from Council and MidlandCommunity.ca

Draw your own conclusions… watch for their “who to vote for list” next year and you will be able to identify the next generation of “their” candidates who will further “their” agenda while masquerading as your councillors.


Here is their list from the 2014 election:

Mayor: Gord McKay (elected)
Deputy-Mayor: Mike Ross  (elected)

Councillor Ward 1: (elect 3)
Patricia (Pat) File  (elected)
Drew Plaxton
Scott Campbell

Councillor Ward 2: (elect 3)
Glen Canning  (elected)
Cody Oschefski  (elected)
(2 recommendations only)

Councillor Ward 3:
Stewart Strathearn  (elected) – CoFounder MidlandCommunity.ca

Source: http://midlandcommunity.ca/news/elect-team-midland/



  1. It gets better. Consider that a known, convicted, professional con artist is married to Midland Town Council member Stuart Strathearn. This woman, Joan (Blackwell) Strathearn embezzled millions of dollars from innocent elderly victims, went to prison and has not repaid ONE CENT to the victims.

    -EDITOR NOTE: This comment would have been deleted as potentially slanderous or defamatory except that in this case, those allegations appear to be true and backed up by verifiable public disclosure found at (http://dixons1996.wixsite.com/justiceforthevictims/single-post/2003/12/07/Joan-Blackwell-Located-In-Midland-Ontario-Canada).

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Midland’s Shadow Cabinet Exposed By Stephan Kramp

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