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Town To Impose New Social Media Policy For Staff


It seems as if John Skorobohacz, Midland’s CAO is set to further control the information flow from town staffers when they interact with local media and social media groups such as OurMidland.ca.  This policy’s rebirth follows previous attempts by the town to control what information gets leaked, especially where the information is not flattering about how the Town manages or mismanages finances, personnel and other issues.  Watch the video clip (courtesy of Rogers) above to hear the news for yourself.

This revelation at council’s April 9th meeting comes only two weeks before the CAO and town’s solicitor threaten to sue OurMidland.ca for daring to question the fact that several highly-paid town administrators, like the CAO himself who draws $180,000 yearly, are missing from the $100,000+ “sunshine list” and getting special perks.  The less Midland is allowed to know about what goes on at town hall, the better?  Especially with an election this October.  This follows more attempts to control the dialogue and keep critique at bay by the CAO having comments deleted from the Town of Midland Facebook page earlier this year.

Our sources in the Town of Midland continue to contribute to this website on the condition that they remain anonymous, and this renewed attempt to control their constitutionally-protected rights is exactly why they will be protected here.



  1. How do you..we….know if the information your sources supply is accurate, do you back check, get a second confirmation etc, just asking

    1. Our sources are credible enough that we have learned to take them at their word… they have not mislead us yet in four years. We ask for supporting materials where possible and publish that with each article so our readers can form their own opinions.

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Town To Impose New Social Media Policy For Staff

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