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Unofficial Race Has Begun For Deputy Mayor 2018?

Unofficial Race Has Begun For Deputy Mayor 2018?


Not even the first half of Midland council’s four year term of office has been recorded and already there has been announcement that one of the incumbents is eyeing the deputy mayor’s spot around the council table in 2018.

In stories that seem to write themselves every time Councillor Cody Oschefski posts another doozy to his social media site for all to see (except one of our contributors whom he seemingly has banished for putting too much heat on his group) he boldly announces his candidacy for Mike Ross’s position as Deputy Mayor of Midland.

In his post below he makes it quite clear how he feels when asked why he’s choosing to announce this now.


It wouldn’t take much imagination to envision another member eventually eyeing the mayor’s chair down the road. Municipal politics seems to be getting stranger by the moment.  Current council seems hell bent of scoring an Olympic record by the whopping number of in-camera meetings they have staged to date. Instead of keeping eyes on the deputy mayor’s job in 2018, it would be wiser to do the town’s business, today, tomorrow, next week, next month et al. There will be lots of time to canvass, knock on doors, press the flesh and seek loving support from those whom he surrounds himself with online, once official papers are filed in over 24 months from now. Riddle me Batman, what’s the hurry?

In case you missed his announcement, here it is:


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  1. Admitting that you are not a card carrying Conservative would make you a less than stellar representative for the leader Mr. Brown to ask, and a not so wise choice for you to accept. To announce that you are neutral shows lack of decisiveness in a platform for a political position in any race. The standard for many years is the downloading of the federal government to the provinces. Going further, the province downloading to the municipalities. To say you are not federally and/or provincially motivated could be construed to the voters that even running for a councillor seat should be reconsidered because believe it or not, it is a huge responsibility. I have to agree, work on what needs fixing now while you have the seat. I am sure more problems will arise long before 2018.

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Unofficial Race Has Begun For Deputy Mayor 2018?

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