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Watch Council Comment & Vote To Approve Edgehill Re-Zoning


Rogers broadcasts Midland Municipal Council on September 28th 2015.  The vote is to re-zone 1/3 Edgehill Park from “Open Space” to “Employment Area” to pave the way for Waypoint Centre for Mental Health and Chigamik Community Health Centre to build a new health hub on hotly-contested parkland.  Neither Waypoint/Chigamik or 6/9 council members seemed to be able to separate the worthiness of the health agencies (a fact we all can agree one) from the opportunistic land-grab that was being proposed.

You will see and hear this inability to delineate between support of the organizations (proponents) and the opposition over the particular piece of land they set their sights on, to the exclusion of all others.

Three of our six councillors understand this and clearly supported the health hub, but not on parkland.  The rest were so fixate on the worthiness of the organizations (not in dispute) that they could not bring themselves to bend to the will of almost 50% of the voting population who petitioned, wrote and spoke against the location but in support of the health hub concept.

It should be noted that the proponents both serve the community now, and have for many years.  They do so from different locations and have proposed coming together in a new design-build and secure funding contingent on the donation of land… park land.

We will post the individual video clips of each Councillor and Mayor in followup stories along with our comments about the position they chose to take.



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Watch Council Comment & Vote To Approve Edgehill Re-Zoning

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