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Canadian Author Moves To Midland

Canadian Author Moves To Midland


Peter Jennings, who has three books published and is currently writing several more, has recently moved to Midland from his former home in Muskoka. The author, who specializes in researching and writing non-fiction books, had been looking for a new community to align himself with and selected Midland after experiencing many pleasant times in the town.

“I’ve been to Midland several times to visit friends and have always enjoyed it here,” he says. “I was pleased to be a guest on Fred Hacker’s ‘Day In The Life’ presentation at the Midland Cultural Centre, I’ve spoken about my books at the Midland Library and appeared at the Probus Club. People have told me about the fresh feeling of renewal which I think is great. Still, it strikes me that this is a town that wants to stay a town, not become ‘Toronto-north’. Frankly, I’ve had enough of city life.”

Jennings is a life-long boater and the appeal of Georgian Bay was enticing as well. “I’ve always enjoyed being on the water in Muskoka,” says the member of a family that has cottaged on Lake Rosseau for six generations. “But the notion of ‘big water’ offered here is really engaging. So I’ve purchased a home on Georgian Bay and bought a 41′ motor yacht. Being on the water is important it is to me, just a part of who I am.”

Before turning to writing books, Jennings spent his career in corporate communications running agencies handling marketing, advertising, branding, public relations and production of multimedia content, including videos, websites and social media elements. Clients included hundreds of top-ranked businesses of all types and sizes, from McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Royal Bank, IBM, Coca-Cola, etc. to niche start-ups. “I’ve always loved writing,” he says, ” it was definitely my favourite part of the work we did. But when I retired in 2009, I decided it was time to write for me, not for clients.”

His first book, “Shark Assault: An Amazing Story of Survival“, was published in 2015 and recounts the life of a nurse from Orangeville who was brutally attacked twice by a shark in Cancun, Mexico. “It’s still selling well and I’m booked into 2018 doing presentations,” he says. Published earlier this year is “Why Being Happy Matters” in which Jennings  interviewed 37 people from around the world on the subject of happiness, including several Ph.D.s actively studying positive psychology. Just launched is “Behind the Seams” chronicling the life of Canadian fashionista Marilyn Brooks. Information on these and the new books he’s currently writing is available at peterjennings.me. The site also displays another talent: he’s a singer.

“My two rescue pups Molly and Macy join me in this new Midland adventure and they’re gradually getting used to a new life style,” Jennings explains. “Where I lived before, it was out in the boonies and I’d fenced off a couple of acres for the dogs to run. Now, of course, we’re in an environment where several walks on leash each day are part of the agenda. But they’re getting on to that, and so am I. The exercise is good all around.”

His next publication will be “Pushing The Boundaries”, also the name of his new boat. “I’m really pumped about this book and I’ve only got two more interviews to go until it’s done,” he says. “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some truly amazing people from around the world who think outside the box, colour outside the lines and take risks many of us avoid. The book showcases 33 such people. I’ll be looking for a publisher as soon as I complete the manuscript, which I intend to do by year-end.”


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  1. Is there any way of contacting Mr. Jennings? I have written a book and would appreciate any guidance he could give me.

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Canadian Author Moves To Midland

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