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A Video Tour Of Midland’s Historic Murals


The murals of Midland are one of Ontario’s largest and most beautiful outdoor galleries. Inspired by the murals of Chemanius, B.C. the Midland mural program was initiated in 1990 by the merchants of the Downtown Midland Business Improvement Association. Today the murals include 35 finely detailed paintings, including the largest historic outdoor mural in North America, located across from Midland’s Harbourfront Park at the foot of Downtown Midland. Each mural represents a significant time in the history of the Georgian Bay area. Many tell the story of Midland’s pioneers and business leaders.

The majority of the murals are the creation of the creative mind of artist Fred Lenz in conjunction with BIA chair Dennis Brabant. There are many artists that contributed their talent to the murals in the Downtown Midland area; some of these artists include Fred Lenz’s two sons Robert and Stephen Lenz, as well as Michele Van Maurik, Scott Frandsen, Dan Sawatsky, Gillian Smith, Paul Adamson, Norm Hawley, Dave Templeton Jr. and Paul McCaig, Ruth Hurdle, Terry-Lee Milley and Sonja Rathke.

Links: http://www.midland.ca/Pages/Midland-Mural-Tour.aspx



  1. It’s nice to see finally see a video about Fred Lenz’s murals, however, it’s a little disheartening to see less than one minute devoted to his last and greatest mural located on the grain silos. This mural in particular was the pinnacle of Fred’s career and sadly he had passed away halfway thru its completion. It had been Fred’s vision to paint this mural for many years, and when he finally obtained permission from the town to go ahead with it, the cancer which he had fought so hard against, had returned and ultimately robbed him of the opportunity to finish something that had dreamt of painting. I was honoured when he had asked me if I could finish his mural: My hope is that it brought him some comfort when he died knowing that I would make sure I completed the mural to the best of my artistic ability and would forever cherish the close friendship and bond we shared.

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A Video Tour Of Midland’s Historic Murals

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