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Bravo! Butter Tart Festival 2017 Puts Midland On The Map


A HUGE congratulations to The Maids’ Cottage for their 2017 Buttertart WINS at Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival and Contest
This year’s Butter Tart Festival this past Saturday saw the crowning of The Maid’s Cottage as “best in show” for 2017. The event was well attended with counts estimated as high as 50,000 which would beat last year’s estimate of around 30,000. The weather co-operated with one of the best Saturdays we’ve seen all year and the new layout placing the vendors in the centre of King Street allowed for more pedestrians to see and visit the local shops. Many local stores report record sales and praise the new layout that allowed them to put tables and displays outside to attract the attention of the attendees.

The food trucks and main stage entertainment were busy places as were the side streets as attendees sometimes struggled to find parking. Cars were parked as far away as Eighth street for those not knowing about or not choosing to use the shuttles.

The buttertart varieties were plentiful and Georgian Bakery’s “buttertart filled donuts” were a favourite of many. Street performers, the pipes and drums and musical talent were everywhere to be seen and enjoyed. In addition there was plenty of promotion for other exciting events planned for Midland this summer.

The cleanup seemed to go well and the downtown returned to its pre-festival shape in mere hours.

Overall, a job well done by all involved and a hearty thank you to the volunteers who made another successful event, sure to continue to attract more visitors next year.

Bravo! Now, where did I stash that last buttertart…


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Bravo! Butter Tart Festival 2017 Puts Midland On The Map

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