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Peterborough Tries Out Private Security In Downtown Core


Submitted by a contributor this morning, this story is rather timely. Peterborough’s downtown BIA has taken the unusual step of hiring a private security firm to patrol the downtown ward and given them the title of “ambassadors”.  They are not in body armour and don’t have the tell tale utility belts and their role seems to be one of education and deterrence rather than enforcement.  This is either a good or bad idea depending on your perspective.

It is timely in the discussions surrounding our downtown core and the policing decision on September 6th. By all accounts, no matter which way Council votes (MPS or OPP), there is a push to do more but pay less. What are you thoughts about this? Could it work in Midland? Should it be in Midland?

The full story from Global News is below and the video short is above.  CBC Radio had an interview, Friday August 11th on “Ontario Morning”. You can listen to this 12 minute interview below.

Global News: “They’re calling them “downtown ambassadors.”

Private contractors hired by the Downtown Business Improvement Area are supposed to help tourists find their way, make change for parking meters and look out for litter-bugs in Peterborough and those engaging in anti-social behaviour. And according to DBIA executive director Terry Guiel, it’s going well.

“Our businesses love it. I’ve got several emails, and people have been coming in, talking, saying how much they love the program” reports Guiel.

But the idea of using private security on public property bothers some residents, like musician Nick Ferrio. Ferrio has launched an online petition calling for the program to be scrapped.

According to the petition, “The Downtown Ambassador Initiative will push poor people out of public spaces in the interests of downtown businesses, leading to intimidation, harassment and the criminalization of those facing mental illness, poverty and homelessness.”

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“I don’t think Peterborough should have private policing in the downtown. I think we should leave that up to the Peterborough police,” says Ferrio.

Guiel explained Thursday the Downtown Ambassador Program is only the first step in promoting the idea that downtown is safe.

Later this month, the DBIA will work with poverty, addiction and mental health experts to work the streets, to talk to those who struggle with these issues and are often pointed out as contributing to the belief that downtown Peterborough is not safe.

“We are working on doing the outreach and doing the engagement with the marginalized and with those on the street, and we’re going to find out what could help them,” says Guiel.

The Downtown Ambassador program will run until mid-September at which point its effectiveness will be evaluated.

What are you thoughts about this? Could it work in Midland? Should it be in Midland?




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Peterborough Tries Out Private Security In Downtown Core

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